Strip for Me by G Bailey

37836812Strip For Me
G. Bailey
My Rating: 💙💙💙💙

One night. One divorce. One too many drinks and a very hot man make a bad combination.
It was only meant to be one night to celebrate my long needed divorce, but when I find out that I’m pregnant by the hot man I met that night, it turns out I’m not as free as I wanted.
When I finally manage to track down my hot one night stand, it’s to find he lives with his three other friends and he works as a stripper.
Not what I was expecting.
When Ellie’s past causes complications and everything is falling apart, will the four men she falls in love with be able to protect her?
(This was sold as a 5 part serial and this is the combined version)
My Thoughts
I love reverse harem reads and read this back when it was being released little by little as serial. I’m glad she put them together to make one fluid book because those cliffhangers were brutal! 

I thought Ellie was great! She stood up for herself and didn’t back down from Drew and her parents! Once things started heating up with Ellie and the guys, they REALLY heated up! I wondered how long it was going to last with her dating all of the guys? Realistically it wouldn’t last long, but this series isn’t realistic. That’s okay because that’s what I like about it!

We had betrayal and a crazy as hell ex-husband with “if I can’t have you then nobody can” vibes. Her ex-husband just keeps getting crazier and crazier every time I read about him. Like why couldn’t he let her move on?

Once the baby came, all the guys all help out and I thought my ovaries were going to explode! I just couldn’t get enough of reading about the interactions between the guys and the baby. My heart was melting at every turn!
I’m glad this ended on an HEA, but I hate that it’s over. If you haven’t read this yet and have KU, hurry up and read it!

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