Four Psychos (The Dark Side #1) by Kristy Cunning

36550871Four Psychos
Series: The Dark Side
by Kristy Cunning
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’m not so different from most people.
Like everyone else, I have life goals.
Goal #1: Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am.

Goal #2: Convince the four men I’ve been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete.

Goal #3: Figure out who/what I am and why I can’t remember anything past the five years I’ve been haunting this quad.

Goal #4: Eat popcorn.

See? Perfectly normal. Sort of.
Gotta start small, after all.
It’s not like anyone else is perfect either.

My Thoughts

I really didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading this book. It had good reviews and was reverse harem so I gave it go and I’m so glad I did. I can never read enough of that.

Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! This book took over my past two days, like in an “I didn’t want to do anything else but finish this book” kind of way. I was so hooked after the first chapter that I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

Our main character is a ghost who lives with these 4 hot guys. .She doesn’t remember anything about her prior life or how she ended up here.  She has been watching them for the past five years. In that time she has grown to love them, care for them, and of course be with them once she can figure out how to become flesh and bone. They can finally see her after she saves them from someone trying to kill them with powers that she didn’t even know she had. Instead of the warm welcome she always dreamed she would get, they were suspicious of her presence.

“I’ve waited five years to be able to speak to them, stupidly thought there’d be an instant friendship between us.”

I loved the main character Keyla. She was funny as hell and reading about her was so much fun! I never knew what she was going to do or say next. I loved seeing what outfit she would change into next. The girl kept me guessing.

The guys, they are four bonded paranormal beings but are unaware of what they are. In the beginning, I can’t even lie, I hated them. Well, really I hated the way they treated Keyla. they were completely ungrateful for her saving them. I get why they wouldn’t trust her in the beginning but then she continues to save them throughout the book and they still have suspicions.

“I told them I’d fade if I went longer than ten minutes without them in my sight, and they left me here. I let them know I hated the fade. That it was nothingness. And, still, they left me here.”

They did get better but I’m kind of glad it wasn’t insta love with everyone from the beginning. It made it seem more real that way.

This book was hilarious, sexy, and if you are a lover of paranormal reverse harem then please pick this up!

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