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Seduction (Curse of the Gods #3) by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

Willa Knight: Dweller? Sol? Accidental evolutionary hiccup?

Willa has never been a particularly useful dweller: she isn’t very good at chores, she isn’t very good at worshipping, she isn’t very good at not having opinions, and she isn’t very good with rules—but none of that matters anymore.
The rules are changing.
The dwellers are trying to make their own way in the world, and Willa can’t seem to help getting tangled up in their plans.
Luckily, she has the Abcurse brothers to help her out—until she doesn’t, and suddenly she’s alone again in a world on the brink of chaos. With the Abcurses gone, she’ll have to rely on her wits, and her sister Emmy, to stay under the radar and survive.
Because someone wants her dead.

But, really, what else is new?

4 stars

I should have cherished it. I should have tried to pace myself. But no, I DEVOURED it in one day! Now I’ve finished it and who knows when the fourth book will be out. 

I was so excited to be reading about the Abcurse brothers because it’s been too damn long since I read Persuasion. The guys are back and are more possessive than ever! 

“You should—”

“Stop talking to boys,” I interrupted.


We’ve had this talk before. It’s irrational. I can’t avoid all males.”

“Just the sols.” He frowned. “And the dwellers. And the gods.”

“So just … all males, then?” I arched a brow at him.

He nodded, once, short and sharp—as though we had just figured out our differences and come to a mutual agreement.

Willa was still a freaking hoot! This girl kept me laughing throughout the entire book. Of course, she couldn’t keep herself out of trouble while the guys were gone. She barely did when they were there. I’m glad we didn’t spend too much time without them being together. 

The dynamic between Willa and the guys just got better and better. It turned me to mush. I blew through the pages trying to get all that I could. I could read about them all day. The was great banter between them and don’t even get me started on the sexual tension! She was theirs and they were hers.

Large hands wrapped around me as he pulled me close to his chest. “What I actually said was that you are ours. I’ve claimed ownership of you, Willa Knight.”

Far more gently than I would have expected, he pushed me back to arm’s length. “We’re yours also, you know that. This isn’t a one-way thing.”

We also get to learn a little background on Willa and get a little bit more information about what makes her so different from normal dwellers.  

So it’s obvious that I loved this book, so you’re probably wondering why I only gave it 4 stars. It’s because I wasn’t satisfied with her finally getting with the guys. (I don’t think this is a spoiler because you know it was bound to happen and I haven’t given any details of when or who.) We have been tortured for two books filled with sexual tension, two books! I just felt as if it was way too short and undeserving. 

Overall, I’m already dying from waiting for book 4 already. I just need more of the series, it seriously has become one of my favorites. 

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