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Let’s Talk About Wine // Chateau Ste Michelle (Merlot)

Hey guys! Its been a while since I’ve done a wine post on my blog. I received this wine from a coworker (Hi Aurora!) when we had our Secret Santa party. I couldn’t wait to try it since she raves about it.


Excerpt from the Website :

“We craft this wine to be our complex yet approachable Merlot. The wine offers aromas of black cherry, leather, and spice with layers of rich dark red fruit flavors and a long, smooth, sweet finish. A touch of Syrah adds a jammy fruit character. I think of this wine as a great “everyday red.”

It was actually pretty good. It was wasn’t to fully but the taste was very full bodied. It went great with a Mexican food and also just to curl up with your favorite show.

If you see this at your local grocery or spirits store, give it a try!



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