My recent blogging woahs.

Hey guys!

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged about my blog lately. I haven’t been blogging long, so maybe I just need to find my footing.

I love reading (obviously since this is a book blog 😂) but I have been trying to read more books so I can have more reviews on my blog. Which is making me want to not read because it’s made me a little stressed! Working a full time job and trying to make room for family and a social life is hardly leaving me room for reading. Ya girl needs to find some balance!

I also get a little discouraged at times with HTML, I haven’t used it since Myspace days (remember those?) and also my reviews. I just wish they could be better.

If you’re still reading this far, I love you! Thanks for reading my rant. I didn’t want this to turn into a negative or sad post. Just admitting my woahs and what I think I need to work on.

How did you feel when you began your blog journey?

Do you have any tips from your experience with having a book blog?

7 thoughts on “My recent blogging woahs.

  1. Blogging can be scary. I wasn’t sure it would be for me, but I finally got my groove a few weeks ago and I haven’t looked back! Just keep at it and eventually you will find your voice. As for HTML, there’s always Google! Anything I’m not sure of I just do a quick search and usually find my answers in minutes. Keep going and you’ll do fine! Good luck!! ❤️👍

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  2. Don’t give up, but also don’t let the blog dictate your life. Read whatever you want to read, and review if you are in the mood. I’ve read again and again how people get into a rut, they feel like their reviews sound the same.

    I would suggest blog about whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be reviews. There are memes out there, or just about your reading struggles. We are all here to listen and give you an ear to vent.

    Reading should always be a hobby and never a chore.

    My reviews have come a long way. I have still so much to learn and I try to use better words as well as improve my sentence structure, but I don’t want to get too annoyed with it either, so I’ll take baby steps.

    Have a great week and happy reading.

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    1. Thank you so much, I really needed this advice today! I think I was just trying to read what’s popular instead of some of the books that I really want to, along with trying to put out like 4 reviews a week! I took a break this weekend and want to try to just take it book by book now.

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      1. always read the book you are passionate about. Your reviews will thank you, and why waste time on books you won’t love! I scaled back a lot, and nowadays pick only books I know from the very beginning will be awesome – makes everything so much easier – reading and reviewing. 😀

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