Southern Pleasure (Southern Heart #1) Kaylee Ryan

26143355They tell you that a parent’s love is all consuming. I never put much thought into it. Not until the minute I heard her take her first breath. That little girl is my world. I’d do anything to protect her.My ex signed over her rights and her family vowed that my daughter didn’t exist. Now that she’s gone, they want my little girl. They’re trying to say I can’t give her what she needs.

I’ve known Evan all my life. Our families farms run parallel with each other. He and my brother Aaron have been best friends for as long as I can remember.

What they’re trying to do is wrong. He needs my help, someone he can trust and I’m more than happy to do it. I volunteered without hesitation.

I should have thought about what it would be like to have our lives intertwined. I should have thought about what would happen when our time together ended and how my heart would feel when I had to walk away.


OMG you guys! I need a minute… this book really gave the feels! Kaylee Ryan is seriously moving up the ranks to become one of my favorite authors! This is the second book of hers that I gave 5 stars in less than a week.

The story starts when Evan learns that the girl he has been seeing with is pregnant and she doesn’t want to keep the baby. Evan begs her to keep the baby but sign over rights to him and let him raise the child as a single father. McKinley is Evan’s best friends sister who is back from College. She decides to help Evan as he gets ready for fatherhood. Can you feel the sparks already?

Soon after the baby is born, he finds out that his ex is gone and now her parents want full custody of the baby. McKinley decides to help Evan out but ends up becoming more attached than she planned (so did I!)

Evan, Evan Evan!

“Let me just tell you, Evan Chamberlin can fill out a pair of worn Levi’s.”

Evan was so amazing to read about. From the moment he found out he was going to be a father he was determined to do right by his child and I was amazed at how quick I loved his character. It was so hard not to.

McKinley stole my heart as well. Her heart was so big and she just had so much love to give.

“Tears fall from McKinley’s eyes. Tears for me and my daughter. The woman who has carried her for over eight months shows no emotion, but this girl, she’s broken over it.”

These two together made my heart swell!

“I want to kiss her. I want to lean in and capture her lips, bruise them with my kiss. This girl . . .”

I got a little annoyed and might have screamed “Just tell each other how you feel already!!” at my Kindle, but everything worked out in the end.

I would recommend this book a million times! It has romance, life lessons, and was just amazing all around!