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The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) by Tate James

 I should have known my quest for vengeance would eventually be my downfall. I should have been more careful, more paranoid–but I’m glad I wasn’t. Who knew that getting caught for my crimes would lead to so much happiness?

But joy can be fleeting…

It turns out, this battle is only just beginning. With ultimate power on the line, my faceless enemies will stop at nothing to capture me, dead or alive. I need to master my abilities, fast, or this could be the end for someone I care far too deeply about.

I’m Kit Davenport and this is going to be a bumpy flight.



“This fucking girl. She had been nothing but goddamn trouble and heartache since the day she’d stepped into our lives, but fuck if I hadn’t loved every second of it.”

This book gave me everything my little heart wanted and more!

Kit is adjusting from everything that happened in book one. She’s finally graduated High School and is moving with her life. She’s still trying to find out answers about her and her abilities. While being with the guys she is kidnapped and sold into human trafficking. Yup, human trafficking. Kit cannot stay out of trouble. Never the less, you know the guys aren’t going to let Kit get away without a fight.

“Because she may be our Kit, but she was my Vixen. And no one fucks with what’s mine.”

We are introduced to some new characters in this book. Some I liked and some I wanted to slap some sense into. We also get to find out a bit more information about the guys and our Kit. She is just as feisty as she was in book one and I couldn’t get enough of her.

This book pack WAY more steam so this is not for the fair hearted! Make sure you have one of those paper fans ready because you’re going to need it.

Just like the first book, once I started I couldn’t stop reading. I’m on to the third book on the series. (I really wish I would have paced myself since I just learned that The Tiger’s Ambush came out this week)



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