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Let’s Talk About Wine // Cocobon Vineyards (Red Blend)

Hey friends!

I’m back with another wine post! I was cruising down the aisle at the grocery store trying to find a new red blend and this stood out. And yes, I bought this for the label. Thank goodness it actually turned out pretty good!


Excerpt from the Website


We’ve sourced grapes from some of the finest California vineyards to craft a rich, silky red blend with a soft, luxurious finish. Unearth flavors of dark cherries and vanilla in every sip of this plush wine. Each sip of this premium red blend unearths new layers of flavor and texture, delivering a truly rich and immersive experience at a price that’s far from rich.”

It was pretty good. It can sit at the top next to my favorite 19 Crimes red blend.  It was very flavorful!  It went great with curling up with a book.

If you see this at your local grocery or spirits store, give it a try!

Thanks for reading!

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