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Dirty Little Promise (Forbidden Desires #2) by Kendall Ryan

The secret I’d discovered about sexy billionaire Gavin Kingsley was so big, so haunting wasn’t something I could overcome. I had a decision to make—hear him out and see where things went, or turn to his brother Cooper, who I was fairly certain was in love with me. But something dark inside of Gavin called to something dark inside of me. And I wasn’t willing to just walk away—not yet anyway.

This is the conclusion to Emma Bell’s epic love affair with the alpha and enigmatic Kingsley brothers. Secrets will be exposed, sides will be chosen, and nothing will ever be the same.

3 stars

I wasn’t blown away by this. Don’t shoot me! Everyone that I know that read this loved it, but I just couldn’t get myself to love it. I felt it dragged in some places and some things were quite predictable.

Dirty Little Promise picks up where Dirty Little Secret left off after Emma finds about Gavin’s past relationship. She’s shocked and doesn’t know whether to listen to him or just walk away.

quotation-marks-leftI needed answers. Part of me wished I didn’t, wished I could just move on and forget Gavin Kingsley ever existed. But that wasn’t possible.

This was a couple who on paper, wouldn’t work at all. He needs dominance and she was in an abusive relationship before. But the story worked and I liked them together.

Well I liked Emma okay, but the star of this book was Gavin for me.

I really enjoyed the honesty from Gavin. He didn’t beat around the bush or lie to Emma about the details of what happened with Ashley. He came off genuine in his feeling for Emma.

quotation-marks-leftBecause the truth was, Emma owned me. She meant more to me than my company, more than my own life.

Will I continue reading this series? I will because I can’t wait to read about Cooper!

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