Thirst by Graceley Knox & D.D. Miers|ARC Review

Getting bitten by a vampire in New Orleans is about as cliché as it gets, but Aurora Hedvige isn’t in a position to complain.

In the last week, her life has gone from bad, to worse. Now she’s lunging for her best friend’s throat, desiring things she shouldn’t, and craving something she can’t admit out loud. Her last-ditch effort takes her to the self-proclaimed voodoo queen of the French Quarter, but what Aurora thinks is the end of her problems—is only the beginning.

Carver Marceau has lived in a world of misery since the day his mortal years ceased and his immortal life began. He’s Kresova. An ancient race of vampires ruled by a deadly queen bent on keeping her rein at all costs. Sent on a mission to resolve a recent string of rogue vampires, Carver’s journey leads him to Aurora.

Neither of them expected the intense bond that forms between them, nor the revelations they uncover.

Carver discovers that Aurora is one of the Dria. The first of three fated harem queens, destined to return the balance to the Kresova. With the help of friends, and enemies turned allies, they’ll upend the cruel queen’s reign—if they can just survive long enough.


4 stars

ARC provided via Author.

I liked this book. I haven’t read a vampire book in a while and this was great. It held my attention and kept me flipping the pages on my kindle.

I liked Aurora as a main character. She was quick and reacted the way any normal person would. I mean who honestly would believe they got bit by a vampire? I sure wouldn’t!

She finds outs that she is one of the Dria. They are the three fated harem queens, destined reunite and to return the balance to the Kresova. They will come together to raise the original King of Krevosa.

Sounds easy right? Well it would be if they knew where to start. So the search is on for the other two Dria and also Aurora’s third companion.

I liked her with Carver and I can’t wait for Lucian to come around.

I can’t wait to read more of this series!

thirst out now

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