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New TBR Bookshelf!

Hey, Whats Up, Hello!

First off, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Over the weekend I decided to buy a shelf only for my physical books I haven’t read. I honestly didn’t know I had this many. I’m usually really good about reading them….. to be honest, I’ve probably been watching too many YouTube beauty videos lol! So here is my little shelf.




Do you have a different shelf for your TBR books? 

Do we have any books in common?

Thanks for reading! 


32 thoughts on “New TBR Bookshelf!

  1. I don’t, because frankly I own more books I haven’t read than those I have. And they all can’t fit into shelves. I usually organize by genre / type / authors. I also have Renegades and Three Dark Crowns to read this year, and I’ve read Everless and The Enchantment of Ravens (both I enjoyed but didn’t particularly favor?)

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  2. I mean I’m glad I read it, the premise is very interesting and the world-building is solid – it’s just a matter of how you connect with the voice of the narrator, and I just didn’t.

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  3. I don’t have a different shelf of TBR books, but what a great idea! Mine would probably be pretty small, since most of mine are e-books. I guess that is kind of good thing though, since I am almost out of bookshelf space – lol! I envy you! =D


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