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Let’s Talk About Wine // Chloe Red No. 249

So I think I found my new favorite red wine. I picked this up on a whim while at Randalls earlier this week. I kept seeing this brand and I am one of those people who will choose wine (and books) for the cover. Don’t judge me, we all do it!

This was a drier wine but it wasn’t TOO dry! So if your a fan of sweet wine, then this still won’t be ideal for you. This was an easy drinking wine, so easy that you might realize your glass keeps getting empty. I had this with dinner and also just when I was watching anime on the couch.

I was on their website earlier and say that they have a Merlot as well. That will be next on my list to try!


Excerpt from the website:

“Chloe Red No. 249 blossoms from classic grape varietals cultivated in prized vineyards on California’s North Coast to create an elegant, rich and complex red blend. An enticing nose precedes deep layers of expressive, dark fruit flavors blended with notes of rich espresso and spice on the palate. A full, luxurious mouthfeel gives way to an alluring and lingering finish. Named after the 249 wine lots that winemaker Georgetta Dane tasted to achieve a sophisticated intensity of flavor, this wine shows soft, integrated tannins and structure imparted from new and used French and American oak.”

If you see this at your local grocery or spirits store, give it a try!

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