Taking Her Turn by Alexa Riley

38494656Taking Her Turn
by Alexa Riley
My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kingsley and Mina are newlyweds and everything in their life is perfect. Everything except one little thing.

Kingsley loves his wife so much that it drives him crazy. He’s too big, too strong, too obsessed with her. So much so that he has to hold back. He ties her down to keep himself in control and won’t allow himself to let go.

Mina loves her husband, but she knows he’s keeping part of him away from her. He’s broken his tightly held control only once and it was the best night of her life. Now she’s got a plan be the one on top, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Warning: Find out what happens when an alpha unleashes a shot of pure, hot dominance. Spoiler alert…it’s filthy.

My Thoughts

Okay YAAAASSSS Alexa Riley! A woman taking charge of a sexual situation? Hell Yes!

This was HOT HOT HOT! I loved this story with Kingsley and Mina! More Mina because she went after what she wanted. Kingsley lost control once and it turned Mina’s world upside down in a good way. She wanted Kinglsey to stop holding back on her during sex and she made sure he did!!!!!!!

The whole time I was reading this was me:

Kinglsey was a very dominant man and he didn’t want to hurt his new wife. In his eyes, she is his everything and he didn’t want to hurt her with his alpha possessiveness. He didn’t know that him holding back from her was driving up the walls.

Once Kinglsey’s control snapped it was on and damn did I love it! This story is great for a quick and dirty read!

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