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That Wolf-Boy is Mine by Yoko Nogiri (Manga Review)

I know I normally do book reviews, but I’ve just started reading manga and technically mangas are books right?

So my very first manga review will be for the That Wolf Boy is Mine Series.

Manga Covers

Manga Sypnosis

After some traumatic experiences, Komugi Kusunoki transferred from the city to start a new life in rural Hokkaido. But on her first day of school, the school heartthrob Yū Ōgami blurts out, “You smell good!” Despite the hijinks, Komugi tries to adjust to her new school, but it’s not long before she stumbles across Yū dozing off under a tree. When she attempts to wake him up, he transformed…into a wolf?! It turns out that Yū is one of many other eccentric boys in her class year–and she’s the only one who knows their secret…!

Rating of Each Book

Book One ★★★
Book Two★★★
Book Three★★★★★
Book Four★★★★


I really enjoyed this series. It consists of only four books but even though it was short, it really held my attention! I loved the supermantural aspect of this.

Since we all know I am new to manga, I looked up what kind it would be considered. It says that this kind of manga is called Shojo and that it’s meant for teenage girls (oh well). That’s fine with me, because we all know I am a sucker for romance of any kind.

The story starts when Komugi decides to live with her father after she is alienated by her classmates at her old school in Tokyo. At her new school, she ends up sitting next to one of the most popular boys in school, Ogami. She does what she can to avoid him becuase of what happened at her old school, but Ogami keeps trying to interact with her. Soon she gives in and they spark a friendship with Komugi falling for him. Soon she finds out that Ogami isn’t what he seems and that he is actually a wolf!

Even though they tell you that in the blurb that he will be a wolf, it twist still managed to throw me a bit. The begining was nice, they gave you just a bit of wierdness  to let you know that something was off but not too much. Ogami just seems like a normal guy instead of a supernatural who has a secret.

There is a love triangle here. I was actually team Fushimi in this one. There’s really not a shocker there, anytime there is a love triangle I always go for the opposite. 

My favorite would have to be book three because we get plot twists and also quite a bit of backstory.

All in all,  it was actually a  good manga. Super cute and a sweet romance.


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