Fallen Heir (The Royals #4) by Erin Watt

33807229These Royals will ruin you.Easton Royal has it all: looks, money, intelligence. His goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. He never thinks about the consequences because he doesn’t have to.

Until Hartley Wright appears, shaking up his easy life. She’s the one girl who’s said no, despite being attracted to him. Easton can’t figure her out and that makes her all the more irresistible.

Hartley doesn’t want him. She says he needs to grow up.

She might be right.

Rivals. Rules. Regrets. For the first time in Easton’s life, wearing a Royal crown isn’t enough. He’s about to learn that the higher you start, the harder you fall.


Ratings of Previous Books

»Paper Princess ★★★★
»Broken Prince ★★★★
»Twisted Palace ★★★★

3 starsUnpopular opinion time here. I didn’t love it. I was really expecting more from Easton’s book! I would’ve given it two stars but went ahead with three because of the love I had for Easton in the previous books.

It started off super strong and I was all in. It was after the middle that it went downhill for me. I loved that we got to see Eastons POV throughout the whole book. It wasn’t so bad being in his head, but I wanted more from Easton, so much more. I know he wouldn’t make a complete turnaround but I really wanted to see Easton evolve as a character. And not because of Hartley, because he actually wanted to change his life. That is not what happened here. 

Hartley was okay. I kind of admired how she was handling her life. She was supporting herself and never went back on what she felt just to make her parents accept her again.  She seemed so normal, unlike all the other rich kids that we meet at Asher Prep. Sadly after all that praise, it goes back to what Easton thought about her in the beginning. She was plain! I couldn’t connect with her and she isn’t very memorable.

I didn’t feel any chemistry between Easton and Hartley. Sure there some moments where there was a little something, but not enough to sell me on them being together. As friends? I’m all for that. They both needed someone, someone who understood what going on in their life or try to.

I know what it’s like to be alone. I know what it’s like to want and not have. I don’t want Hartley to feel that way. Not anymore. Not while I’m around.

On another note, I did enjoy the brother-sister relationship between Ella and Easton. That was really good to see them interact, even if he kept saying stuff out of anger most of the time.

Of course, this book ends on a cliffhanger like the others ones. So I’ll be reading Cracked Kingdom, because I have to finish the series out. I owe it that much.

I know this review turned into a rant. The more I thought about it when I sat down to type this up, the more it just came out that way. Overall I still love the series, it just doesn’t compare to Ella and Reed’s story in books 1-3.

12 thoughts on “Fallen Heir (The Royals #4) by Erin Watt

  1. Great review! And thank you for not sharing any spoilers! It is, however, a tad disheartening to hear what you had to say because I just love this series so much. I’m sure Erin Watt will make it up to us in Cracked Kingdom!

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      1. I appreciate your honesty 100%! That is what reviews are for. How else are we to know what to expect? I’m still going to read it no matter what!

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