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Definite by Kaylee Ryan

Lauren captivated me with those big brown eyes of hers, and I knew my life would never be the same. What started out as friendship, has turned into so much more.

I was shocked when Tristian asked for my number.

There hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t heard from him.

He may be the drummer, but that deep sexy voice, it turns me inside out.

I assumed it would be one and done, but that’s not how our story ends.

I worry it’s not what he wants.
He tells me he’s Definite.


Quotes were taken from an arc and are subject to change upon publication
4 stars

“I won’t stop until she’s mine. Until she accepts that she’s mine.”

Kaylee has gotten me again. I finished this in one sitting. Y’all!! Tristan was a dream to read about. This rock star was a complete teddy bear when it came to Lauren. He knew he wanted Lauren and never not told her he was all in.

I was a little annoyed with Lauren in the beginning because of the hard time she was giving Tristan. Maybe I became a little overprotective of him? She got over it, I mean she had to because Tristan wasn’t letting her go anywhere!

“I want the drummer, the uncle, and the best friend. I want it all Tristan, every version of you. I want the fairytale.”

And a fairytale it was! Once they got together I couldn’t stop reading because they were absolutely perfect! This gave me all the romance feels that my little heart could take.

Now there was a little bit of suspense that had me clutching my Kindle, but I won’t ruin it for you.

All in all, another great book from Kaylee Ryan! Swoony men, a romance that will give you the feels, and I loved it.

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