Rambles & Rants

Like I said in my first Rambles & Rants, I wanted to make my blog a bit more personal and for me to be more vocal. It will be from my personal life, like me talking about what happened during my week or about the book/blogging world.

Here are the few things that I feel like rambling about today. (NOTE: I hope you can follow along because my train of thought is always all over the place)Black Page Divider

>>Putting Books Back on my TBR

Recently I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with my reading. Which leads to my question, is it okay to books back on your TBR for a later time? I was thinking of doing that with Scythe. It’s not that I’m not enjoying because I am, there are just other books that I’m enjoying more. Like To Kill a Kingdom and The Wicked Deep. Does it make you look bad as a book blogger on Goodreads to move stuff around?

>>Intimidated by Big Books

 I cannot be the only one! I was interested in Children of Blood and Bone, and when I saw it at Barnes and Noble I was a little put back by the size. The last big books I read was when I was reading the ACOTAR series last year.

>>Joining Weight Watchers

So this is a personal one. I’ve been wanting to do little things about my weight. I thought a small change would be to join Weight Watchers. We get a discount through my job so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. Have you tried it? If so, how was your experience? What do you do to maintain your health and weight?

>>Book Sleeves and DIY

I have been seeing these cute book sleeves all over Bookstagram! Have you been seeing them or have one? I also have been looking for a new DIY project and thought this would be a good one to try. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and it doesn’t seem that difficult. I will keep you posted if I decide actually give it a shot. My only setback is that I cant sew at all, so who knows how this adventure will go.

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So that’s it for this Rambles & Rants!

Do you have any of the same thoughts or problems? If so, how do you deal with it?

Thanks for reading! 

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9 thoughts on “Rambles & Rants

  1. I’m the same way lately with bigger books. It’s not that I don’t want to read books that are long, but there’s so many that I want to read that I hate the idea of spending a significant amount of time on just one. I think I might need to change my mentality a little bit when it comes to reading…

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    1. I felt like my blog wasn’t really letting people get to know me too well.
      Also, I think I will look into it (weight watchers), I like that they have an online only option because I don’t think I would like to have face to face meetings just yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Back when I did it (in the old days – lol!), you had to go to the meetings. You know, it actually was pretty cool and certainly helped with the accountability issue. If I did it again, I would definitely try online, but if you struggle with it then I would try the meetings. =D


  2. Great Post! I’m scared of big books too but I can’t resist them if it’s one of my highly anticipated reads or it’s a sarah J. Maas book. I have Renegades and COBAB sitting on my Shelf for a while but I’m not ready to pick them up yet. I don’t put books back on my TBR once I started it because if I did I know I wouldn’t pick it up again in the future.


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