Escort by Skye Warren

39320802I’m an escort, which means this date is nothing more than a mutually enjoyable transaction. There shouldn’t be any surprises, not for one as jaded as me, but when I walk into the penthouse suite of L’Etoile, everything changes.

1) For one thing, Bea is heartstoppingly gorgeous. Pale green eyes and endless freckles. Curves I want to spend all night exploring, as if her body was made for me.

2) Her innocence makes me want to use my entire inventory of bedroom tricks on her and then invent a few more.

3) Except that… she’s a virgin.

I can initiate her into the world of desire without letting her get attached, can’t I? A few hours of tutoring, and at the end of the night a small fortune will be deposited into my bank account.

But once I realize one night with her won’t be enough, I’m the one who’s screwed.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

2 stars

I hate to say it, but this was my least favorite book by Skye Warren. I was so in love with her Endgame series, so when I saw this one was coming out I screamed when I got an ARC of it. It seemed like it would have been right up my alley. Male escort, virgin, and knowing that they would fall in love? Sold! Sadly to say that my excitement ended there.

It was quite boring to me. Don’t shoot me!, I see so many people loved it, and here I am with an unpopular opinion. I just didn’t feel a connection.

I didn’t know that this book was going to a full male POV. I really don’t prefer those in my romance. Mostly alternating POV is what I like. I would have loved to see what Bea was thinking during most of the book.

Hugo was an okay character. I liked that he really ended up falling for Bea. His story was heartbreaking and I was hoping that he would get his revenge. I was also wondering in the back of mind is the only reason he fell for Bea was because she was a virgin?

Bea was really not memorable to me. She was super shy and let someone lock her up in her penthouse suit like a princess waiting to be saved. I wanted her to be a bit stronger.

Overall it was just okay for me. It wasn’t my favorite by her, but I’ll still be on the lookout for more by Skye Warren.

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15 thoughts on “Escort by Skye Warren

  1. I totally appreciate your honest review of an ARC! I haven’t read any Skye Warren books, but I’ve heard good things about her. It’s too bad this one was a flop for you, I actually really like the premise!

    Better luck next time! ❤

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