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Sunday Shenanigans

Howdy guys! Happy Sunday!

I’ve been seeing everyone do weekly recaps and I thought it was neat! So here we are with Sunday Shenanigans. we will have a recap of the week that just passed and also a peek into the upcoming week.

It’s the last week of March and I’m still trying to see where the time has gone.

Books for the WeekReading week of 3/25This week I plan on reading 4 books. I know, I know. I love to torture myself and push myself to the limit.
I’m buddy reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo with my friend Megan and I’m excited. I am ready to fall in love with Leigh Bardugo’s writing.
Another author that is new to me is Marie Lu. I’m reading Warcross and it’s pretty good so far. I happened to get a signed copy of this from Half Priced Books a couple of months ago for only 8 bucks!
I have an ARC of Like a Boss by Sylvia Pierce and Lili Valente and from the reviews, it should be good.
Last but not least, we have The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. I started reading this last week and I’m loving the vibe of it.


What i'm feeling

I’m actually feeling better about this upcoming week. I was feeling down on myself for not having enough reviews up last week. I’m still trying to find my balance between reading, working, and blogging. Also trying to make time for my family. It has really been a struggle.

I have plans to see Love, Simon on Friday with my sister. I swear I’m like the last person to see it. To let you know something about me, I’m the person who always plans to go see movies while they are in the theater but ends up seeing them when they hit the Redbox. It’s not intentional, I just forget or I’m reading.


random thoughts

I am in love with all of the bookish products on I’ve been seeing on Etsy. I haven’t bought anything but my favorites lists are full of stuff. I’m thinking of placing an order soon. Maybe a book sleeve, a candle, and a bookmark to start.
What are some of your favorite items or shops?

So there is my first weekly recap. Let me know what you think! I love feedback, especially on new things that I’m trying.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Shenanigans

  1. I know what you mean about missing the party! I have the book on my shelf and haven’t read it either! oh goodness, am I behind.
    I’m hoping that I love The Wicked Deep too! So far so good!


  2. I feel you about feelin the right balance between working, family, blogging and reading! This week I’ve been less “active” on social media as I needed to rest and concentrat on just enjoying my reads. I hopee you’ll get an even better week Kayla!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Good lord, I’m that worst if that makes you feel better! I finally had to give in and lessen my expectations, because it’s not worth driving yourself mad over. It takes all the fun out of it if you do, right? Small successes ya know! 😃

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I just finished Shadow and Bone and I gave it 4 stars. I think the review will be up tomorrow morning!
      & I can see why it would get mixed reviews. I feel like sometimes I’m missing a part of the story.


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