Rambles and Rants

Hey ya’ll! I haven’t done a Rambles and Rants here in a while, so here I am with some random thoughts. (NOTE: I hope you can follow along because my train of thought is always all over the place)

Book Hype

If you don’t believe that book hype is a real thing then you are wrong as hell. Let’s talk about how I got roped into it this past week. I kept seeing reviews and photos everywhere for The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. Ya’ll, I wasn’t even interested in reading this book. Not one bit! After seeing it everywhere though, I totally caved and put myself on hold at the library.

Now I did like it (I’ll leave my review HERE) but it amazed me how much seeing this book everywhere affected me. Has this happened to anyone else?

Posting Less?

So I’ve been thinking about coming up with a posting schedule for a while now. The main reason why is because ya girl has been burning herself out. Ever since I started blogging I have been posting 3-4 reviews a week. It finally caught up to me last week and put me in a slump. I couldn’t get into any book I picked up last week! So I was thinking about this:

Monday – Book Review
WWW Wednesday – to have like a middle of the week update
Friday – Book Review

This is a rough draft. I’m also afraid that posting less would make people lose interest in my blog. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is working full time and trying to read 3-4 books a week is hard and I can’t keep that up. Do you have a posting schedule?

Summer Reading

For summer I have been reading much for YA than I normally do. And not just YA, but YA contemporaries. I just want all the fluffy contemporaries that I can get my hands on. I recently read Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Walsh and I loved it. It had the right amount and fluffiness mixed with those first love feelings. 

What do you read more of in the summer? Any recommendations for me?

Slow down on the ARCS

You read that right! I really do need to slow down on the ARCs. I have been overloading myself so much that it’s really gotten out of control. I need to realize that if I don’t request an ARC for a book that I’m interested in that life will still go on. It will still be published and I can read it then. 

I really have been requesting ARCS and accepting ARC review requests a bit these past few months. I’m grateful for the opportunity, let’s get that straight. But reading and reviewing over 8-10 a month has taken a toll on me. So, for now, I need to ONLY REQUEST THE ONES I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT.

So here was another Rambles and Rants. Do we share any of the same views on things? Anything you want to talk about? Send me a comment below!

24 thoughts on “Rambles and Rants

  1. Same here! I really need to slow down on the ARCs I have a lot right now. I don’t even have time to read a book that I would freely choose.

    I don’t pick summer reads it just happens. Haha but the first thought that comes to mind are Kasie West’s abd Morgan Matson’s books.

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  2. I totally feel you on the hype thing, I joined a book club a few months ago and they picked The Kiss Quotient as the July book even before it was released. Now that I am getting ready to read it, I am seeing it freaking everywhere and people gushing about it and I am so scared it’s been overhyped.

    As for fluffy YA contemporaries, if you haven’t read them already I would suggest The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen and Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got sucked into the Kiss Quotient. I’m glad it actually turned out to be good!
      You will have to let me know if you like it!
      And thank you for the recommendations, I will check them out!


  3. I am an absolute sucker for the hype! I’ve been trying to take a step back though and have been slightly better this year. I’m going the opposite way on ARCS though and I have to give it a rest because I do not like reading on a deadline 🙂 But sometimes I can’t stop myself from pushing that request button!
    I’m really into thrillers and poetry this summer which is a little odd for me but so far enjoyable!

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    1. Love and Gelato was so cute! It would really make a good summer read Kelly.
      Book hype is going to be the death of me!
      & I’m really thinking about giving a posting schedule a try. I really need to have a piece of mind with blogging.

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  4. Sticking to a posting schedule definitely helps me a lot & I don’t think your readers would lose interest! I also stopped requesting ARCs a while ago, because I realized how many books are on my TBR that I’d love to read, instead of reading ARCs I may or may not enjoy that much.

    Also, you’re amazing for working full time & still managing to read and write so many reviews?? What an Icon. 💕💕

    I hope your posting schedule works out for you, Kayla! 🙂

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  5. Having a posting schedule made blogging so much less stressful! I post 2 reviews a week and that has been a good amount for me (I post 4x a week now). I haven’t noticed less traffic but MORE since I have a set schedule. I often can read more than 2 books a week and it has helped me calendar out future posts too, which has helped with the ARC pile of Doom.

    Good luck, I’ll keep reading!

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      1. I’ve been distracted while reading To Kill a Kingdom. A little bit of it is because there seems to be a new character every few chapters when I think I know what’s going on and I’m like… what? And I lose my thoughts.


  6. I can relate to you on this on all levels! I have had to put a STOP to the ARC’s (ok…I still have to at least grab a few), because this is my busy time of year work and kid-wise. It’s such a hard balance, and sometimes it’s all I can do to make a post or write a review. I like that you are looking into a posting schedule with fewer days – makes sense to not lose your mind over it and get burned out. I keep all of my blogging buddies posts in a folder to read and comment on, and it’s gotten HUGE! LOL!

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