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Hey guys! I have been obsessed with The Book Juggle tag that Vicariously & Voraciously started over on their blog. Since I’m in between a few books at the moment I thought it would be the perfect time to participate! 

If you participate, don’t forget to tag them so they can see how their tag grows!

This tag is to update where we are in the books we are reading and how we feel about them so far. Right now I’m dabbling in three books! Let’s check them out!

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Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay by Phoebe Robinson

Current Status: 155/336 pages

I adored Phoebe’s first book so as soon as this one came out, I had to read it. she is still funny as hell and isn’t scared to talk about important issues such as feminism and the way we let men treat us.



Seduced by a Scot by Julia London

Current Status: 106/376 pages

I didn’t know that this a part of a series when I first started reading, but I’m really liking it so far. These two are trying to fight their attraction to each other so hard that I’m grinning my ass off reading this. I’m excited to read when they finally give in!


How She Died, How I Lived by Mary Crockett

Current Status: 22/416 pages

I just started reading this one this morning when I realized the release date was next week. Even though I’m only a few pages in, I’m already feeling emotional. This book is most likely going to bring some tears for me.
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So there’s my first book juggle! Have you read any of these or planning to?

Thanks for reading! 

14 thoughts on “The Book Juggle | Reading Update Tag

  1. The Phoebe Robinson book looks interesting. I’ve been meaning to check out her first. I just realized this morning I’m currently in between 7 books so now I’m under a strict finish them all before I start another one 🙂

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