Books I Have Recently DNF’d

Hey friends!  I’m back with some more DNF reviews. I know, I know. It’s a reader’s worst nightmare.

But 2018 is the year that I won’t be pushing myself to read books that I’m not enjoying. So I thought I would share some books that just didn’t match well with me. some of these are some of my friend’s favorites, so let’s just hope they’ll still love me after this post!

I’m also learning that around the 30% mark is normally where I decide I’m throwing in the towel or not. 

Let’s get into it!

3397952099 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
DNF at 32%

After struggling with this, I decided to just stop forcing myself. I knew I wasn’t feeling it 10%, it was the same at 32% and I just had to stop.

I just read The Hating Game about 2 months ago, so I think I was still on the high from that one going into this one. Maybe my expectations were too high. I didn’t like Darcy and I didn’t think the romance was worth me reading on for.lightpinkdivider

36640831Merry Inkmas by Talia Hibbert
DNF @ 32%.

This is one of the books that I wanted to love so much. So many of my friends love this author, so with this book being free, it seemed like it was meant for me to read it. Sadly, I just couldn’t get into it. I felt like nothing was happening and with this being a short book, something at least should be happening.

However, the main reason I decided to DNF was that I didn’t feel any chemistry between Bailey and Cash. I can’t read a romance when I don’t at least feel a spark between them.lightpinkdivider

The Dead Queens Club by Hannah CapinThe Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin
DNF at 65 pages.

This made me feel scatterbrained while reading. The main character Anna aka Cleves is all over the place. In her inner monologue down to how she interacts with Henry. 

Even with me only reading 65 pages, this was problematic and a hot mess. Henry would rather listen to a rumor about his girlfriend and let the guys decide that she’s only “hookup material” instead of “girlfriend material”. I really don’t have time to read about a douche like this. Also **SPOILER**An ex of his current girlfriend has been showing a couple of guy’s nude photos that she sent him when they were dating. He tells Cleves about and while she does say that it’s wrong and illegal, they just brush it off and talk about something else.**END SPOILER**Ummm… no thanks. 

It also doesn’t really tell you if there is a difference in time. They just give you whiplash with past and present and want you to keep up. I hope they change that in the final version. 

I’m so let down because I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an arc of this book for a while now. The synopsis sounds great but I just can’t.lightpinkdivider

The Studying Hours by Sara NeyHow to Date a Douchbag by Sara Ney
DNF at 18%

Ya’ll! Ya’ll! This book was not for me. I wanted to give this a try since I like just read and liked her Jock Row series.

Was I supposed to swoon over Sebastian or find him charming? Because if that was the case then it totally didn’t happen. I don’t think I’ve rolled my eyes so damn much so early on in a book. 

She’s a nobody, and I don’t screw nobodies.”

Ummm okay. That rich coming from somebody doesn’t have ANY redeeming qualities about them. This guy and his friends were some of the guys that I hate reading about. So much that I’m not going to even torture myself and continue reading this.

So there are some books that I have recently DNF’d. Do we have in common?
What are some books that you recently DNF’d?

Thank you for reading! ❤

26 thoughts on “Books I Have Recently DNF’d

  1. Yikes I definitely would have DNF’d How to Date a Douchebag after that line! I haven’t DNF’d any books recently, but I’m with you — if it doesn’t grab me by the time I’m 1/3 in, I’m out. No use wasting my time with it.

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  2. 1. It makes me sad to hear you didn’t love 99% Mine. I hope I have a better time with it.
    2. The Studying Hours. Here’s the thing about that series. All of the guys are big jerks. It takes time for them to realize the errors of their ways. It’s all about their evolution. So I’m not surprised you didn’t love Sebastian. There is one exception in book 3. Rhett is NOT a douchebag. I think you should try that one out. You might like it! Also, her other series would probably work for you.

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    1. I think I just might be the minority on 99 Percent Mine. There were quite a bit of good reviews on Goodreads for it.

      I did enjoy the two books in the Jock Row series so I when I started reading this one I thought I would like it to. I just couldn’t get over Sebastian and his friends. I tried to keep telling myself that they would get better but I just couldn’t stand the way they talked about the girls.

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    1. I feel so much better now that I’m willing to DNF a book. It can free up my time for more books that I might actually like.

      I’m really sad about not liking Merry Inkmas. So many loved it and the author. I’m going to have to try and read something else by her.


  3. I love seeing DNF posts! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Merry Inkmas. I really enjoyed it, but I understand that everyone has different tastes in books. I finished 99 Percent Mine, and I really wanted to love it since The Hating Game is one of my faves, but I just didn’t really like it as much. I felt that the main character was trying to hard to be ~edgy.

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