Snow and Mistletoe by Alexa Riley

28175159Snow and Mistletoe
by Alexa Riley
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Noelle’s voice has captivated Alex, and she’s become his greatest obsession. Since he hired her to read audiobooks, listening to her is the only thing that makes his lonely world bearable. Thank God she’s never seen him. His scars would only scare her away.

Alex has starred in every fantasy Noelle’s had since she first heard his voice over the phone, and reading erotica samples to him only fuels her desire. Listening to him on the other end of the phone is the best part of her day, and she’s willing to do anything to please him.

On Christmas Eve a storm comes through, sending Noelle in search of her reclusive boss. Once she’s at his cabin with no place to go, there’s only one way to keep warm.

Warning: This is the sweetest, cheesiest, most Christmassy book ever! It’s filled with late-night confessions, dirty deeds, and a lifetime of love. If you love this time of year, I’ve got some cheer for you!

My Thoughts

”I want to keep him, and I want him to want to keep me too.”

This was my first Christmas romance from Alexa Riley and I enjoyed it! That shouldn’t surprise anyone really. Alexa Riley is known for OTT romance and alpha heroes and they brought it with this holiday romance.

I adored Alex and Noelle! These two were homebody’s who fell in love over the phone. It was so cute once they met and both of them were uncertain about how the other felt about them. Alex was scarred from a car accident and hardly ever left his cabin. His uncertainty about her wanting him was pulling at my heartstrings! 

I loved the amount of crazy that we got from Alex. Once he got Noelle he didn’t want to let her go. I also loved that he kept all her recordings so nobody else could listen to them. 

Like I said before, AR specializes in OTT romance and they didn’t disappoint me with Snow and Mistletoe!

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