My 2019 Blogging Goals

Hey friends!

It’s time for me to list my blogging goals for this year. I really tried to be realistic here and actually lay all my bad habits on the table.

I came up with 5 blogging goals for 2019 below, let’s get into it!

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  • Make a Dent in My Backlist

I want and need to read the titles I already own on my bookshelf. It’s not only financially better, but ya girl is running out of room on her bookshelf. Sure some of them I’m not even sure I want to read anymore, but I won’t know unless I start cracking them open. 

  • Actually Stick to my Reading Goal

I set out to read 50 books in 2018 and I surpassed that by reading over 200 books. While that’s good, I was exhausted by the end of the year from cramming so many in a year. This really can go hand in hand in the next goal below.

This year, I plan to have my reading goal at 48 books. Why 48? Well, 4 books over 12 months are 48 books per month. That will give me time to actually do things other than reading all of the time. Watch some more KDramas or spend too much time looking at makeup videos on YouTube. I just want to set a goal where I don’t have to read every day if I don’t want to.

  • Request Less ARCs

Yes, I know. This was on my goals for last year. Maybe if I keep adding it every year then I’ll actually get the idea. I requested so many ARCs last year thinking I wouldn’t get approved for them. Well, I was looking like an idiot once I got approved and was wondering when I was going to find the time to read them all.

This year, I just want to kind of go back to the days where I would preorder a book and join in on the excitement along with everyone else. While ARC’s are a blessing and it’s fun to read a book before it comes out, it’s also a lot less stress to just buy it when it releases.

  • Be More Active in the Book Community

While I do have a book Twitter and Instagram, I’m still an introvert with social anxiety. It’s hard and intimidating for me to reach out and attempt to make friendships. I always feel that the other person won’t respond or will just think “why is this person attempting to talk to me”. So I’m going to try and get out of my comfort zone and reach out and hopefully become more active! 

  • Stick to Books and Genres That I Know I Love

You’re probably reading this one and thinking “What? Where’s the fun in that?” Well, I hate to say it, but I read because I enjoy it, not to better myself. I don’t really like to read about hard topics or very controversial things.  I have stepped out of my reading comfort zone (which is YA contemporaries & Romance) a lot in 2018. Some of those have even become of my favorites.

While I did find some favorites, stepping out of my comfort zone has also led to quite a few DNF’s. Now that’s not to say that I won’t pick up a fantasy every once in a while or something I wouldn’t normally read. I just want to get back to the ones that I know I love.

If you are still reading after that long list, I commend you!

What are some of your blogging goals for 2019? 

47 thoughts on “My 2019 Blogging Goals

  1. We have similar goals 🤗 I totally understand the ARC thing, I have been drowning in ARCs and review copies for months now and it seems impossible to be on top of things and get back on track 😫 I have forbidden myself to request/accept any other books until I read the ones that are here, otherwise I will just be stressing myself out 😢 Good luck with your goals, you can do it! 💕😁

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  2. Well my main goal is to ask less ARCs as I want to lessen the pressure. Also try not to fret and stress if I can’t comment back before 2 to 3 days because life can get busy! Good luck with your goals Kayla!

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  3. Good luck on your blogging goals! I know that you can do it and I feel you on the social anxiety thing. I get that a lot too so I tend to only talk to my friends on social media and I really need to do better about it.

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  4. These are all fantastic goals to have Kayla, and I think that they will definitely make your reading experience more positive! Requesting less arcs has been a lifesaver for me, especially since I had a month of not really reading. Thankfully I wasn’t too backlogged when I came back! Good luck!

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  5. You read over 200?!?! AHHH!! That’s amazing!! Here I am struggling year after year to reach 100 lol!!!! I’ve been doing so great at not requesting arcs until these past couple of weeks….now I’ve gone overboard lol!!! I hope you reach all of your goals!! I’m so happy I found your blog ❤

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  6. I am also a blogger who love reading books. Today itself I have started posting my book reviews. If you would like to check them out it would bring me immense happiness.


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