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Hey guys! I have been obsessed with The Book Juggle tag that Vicariously & Voraciously started over on their blog. Since I’m in between a few books at the moment I thought it would be the perfect time to participate! 

If you participate, don’t forget to tag them so they can see how their tag grows!

This tag is to update where we are in the books we are reading and how we feel about them so far. Right now I’m dabbling in three books! Let’s check them out!

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Make Me Bad by R.S. Grey
Current Status: 26%

My pre order landed on my Kindle today and I couldn’t even wait to start reading. I mean a librarian asking the town bad boy to make her bad? SOLD! If you didn’t know, R.S. Grey is one of my favorites for a romantic comedy.
I’m already loving our two main characters Ben and Madison. Madison is super relatable! There is already tension building between these two!
The only gripe I have is that her brother and dad are going to get on my nerves. She’s 25, not 15. Let the girl live! 



Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
Current Status: 184/471 pages

I am buddy reading this with my friend Leah and I’m honestly surprised how intriguing this book is! Sure I’m not that far into it, but it really grabbed my attention from the start.

There are so many secrets and so many layers to this story. I’m waiting to get more backstory on Yelena and see how her time in the castle goes. Also, life needs to cut this girl a break. Every time I turn around something or someone is coming after her. 



You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno
Current Status: 8/290 pages

I just started this ARC this morning and I can already feel myself staying up late for the next few days to finish it.

At only 8 pages in we get a glimpse into Magpie’s home life and I already caught myself saying “damn” quite a few times. The synopsis speaks of revenge so I excited to see what’s going to happen. I’m buddy reading this one with Destiny over at Howling Libraries.



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So this wraps up another book juggle! Have you read any of these or planning to?

Thanks for reading! ♥


9 thoughts on “The Book Juggle | Reading Update Tag

  1. If you decide to read all the Chronicles of Ixia books, let me know and I’ll send you the reading order with all of the novella links, etc. The series can get a bit confusing!


  2. I was also really pleasantly surprised by Poison study! It is a really interesting read!



  3. Love it!!! I’ve been wanting to read Poison Study for a while now, seeing how you’re liking it so far only makes me want to pick it up more so now!


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