Books That I Have Recently DNF’d

Hey friends!  I’m back with some more DNF reviews. I know, I know. It’s a reader’s worst nightmare.But for me DNFing books have become almost like a trademark.

Two books/authors on here are highly loved and favored in the romance and book community. I know ya’ll are going to be like WHAT?! when you see them. I just hope you won’t disown me after this post!

I’m even thinking about disowning myself actually. I wanted to love every single of these especially because they are all own voices and have POC main characters. However, as much as I wanted to love and support them,  I like what I like and I just didn’t match well with these books. Also, if these are your favorites, you are valid. This post isn’t to make anyone feel otherwise.

44569988Untouchable (Ravenwood #2)
by Talia Hibbert

I couldn’t read this anymore. Y’all, I was legit bored to tears. It’s a long story how I got started with the second book of this series instead of book 1. Short Version: I read a sample of A Girl Like Her and saw that it was on overdrive but was on a wait. I picked this up to read while I’m on hold and since I got a feel for her sister Hannah in the sample. 

Besides me being bored, my main issue relied upon the characters. They were one dimensional and bland. I didn’t like Hannah at all. When she wasn’t in her head with drawn out commentary, she just rubbed me the wrong way. Nate was forgettable and I kept waiting for some sort of chemistry to happen between these two. 

This is the second Talia Hibbert book that I have DNfed. I’m honestly thinking that she might not be a romance author for me. Now, I still have A Girl Like Her on hold on Overdrive so I won’t make my final judgment until then. I’m not holding my breath though because I don’t know how I feel about Ruth either…lightpinkdivider41150285The Perfect Date
by Evelyn Lozada

As much as I wanted to love this because Evelyn Lozada wrote it, I couldn’t bring myself to. The characters and the unnecessary drama was too much. There wasn’t a single character that I liked or was willing to root for. Well everyone except for Jose.

The relationship between Angel and Duke was toxic and would never actually work. He was such a rude and condescending person that I don’t know what Angel saw in him. Angel was quick-tempered and easily riled up. Along with these two not being good characters, they had no chemistry! Can’t have a romance with no chemistry.
I also had an issue with the writing. It was choppy and hard to follow. All in all, this didn’t work out for me.




A Princess in Theory
by Alyssa Cole

With this being my second time giving this book a shot, I just have to throw my hands up and say this isn’t for me. My issues came down to the characters and the writing.

I don’t think I could have been more uninterested in two characters if I tried. Ledi and Thabiso both rubbed me the wrong way. Ledi’s attitude was getting on my nerves. She came off so unlikeable to me. Thabiso either wanted to be a stuck-up asshole or trade in his crown to be a full fledged stalker. I did get to read one steamy scene between them and it was hot, I can’t lie about that. And even though I live and breathe for steamy scenes, I need more than that to continue here.

The writing just didn’t click with me. Honestly, this book didn’t even have to be this long. I felt like most of everything I read was just overly worded descriptions. Seriously. The characters came off flat and everything was described to make me see it and understand instead of feeling. 

I know this book and author are really loved in the romance community, however, I’m just going to have to say neither are for me. 

So there are some books that I have recently DNF’d. Do we have in common?
What are some books that you recently DNF’d?

Thank you for reading! ❤

28 thoughts on “Books That I Have Recently DNF’d

  1. I only DNF one book in March… it was Sophomore year is Greek to me or something like that. I just wasn’t excited about finding out what happened in the ending. I also removed the books before Six of Crows and probably SOC itself cause I keep trying to read those books… and I just can’t get into them. I really tried the second or third time. Some books just don’t match well with some people. Don’t feel bad about not getting into yours!

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      1. Good luck! I’m giving my copy to my parent’s neighbor’s 12 year old kid because she likes this kind of stuff. She has a hard time finding stuff for her age because she’s already read everything in her age bracket.

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  2. I heard so much buzz about A Princess in Theory, but I’m glad you made peace with not really enjoying it. I know it can be a difficult choice to make sometimes.

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  3. I see a couple of books on your list that I was considering. I had my eye on A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole ironically. Sorry these books didn’t work out well for you!

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