Mini Reviews // Dirty Secrets, Trailer Park Heart, My First Daddy

Hi friends! I’m back with another post of mini reviews! This post will include 2 romance reviews and an erotica review!

43054531TITLE: Dirty Secrets 
SERIES: Get Dirty
AUTHOR: Lauren Landish
Goodreads | Amazon (KU)

This was my first book by Lauren Landish so I didn’t know what to expect. Thank goodness it can be read as a standalone because I was unaware that this was a part of a series. While it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever read, it was an okay romance.

I like the main characters Dominick and Allie enough. They had great chemistry and their sex scenes were pretty steamy. I just can’t rate it any higher because it was lacking something. Maybe in depth? I don’t know, but I was never able to connect fully to the story or characters. 

Overall it was okay. Hopefully the next book I pick up by her will better! 


41032986TITLE: Trailer Park Heart
AUTHOR: Rachel Higginson
Goodreads | Amazon

So the synopsis of this book pulled me in. However, I feel like the book fell flat for me. The plot was fine, the characters were fine. Everything was fine. Just fine. 

I wasn’t so much more. I thought that Ruby was just okay. A bit jaded and wishy washy. The people in this town judged her and she judged them right back. She thought everyone was out to get here while there were so many people who liked her and wanted to be friends with her. She just never gave them a chance. Her “woe is me” and ”screw everyone in this town” commentary got old really quick! 

In the reviews that I read, everyone said that Levi was the best part of this book. I did like him a bit and thought that he was a good catch. Well, up until the point he found out the big secret. Did he have a right to be upset? Yes. However, some of the things he said to her and how he treated her was uncalled for. 

The best part about this book was her son Max. Everything else here was okay and not really memorable. lightpinkdivider

44555182TITLE: My First Daddy
SERIES: Dark Daddies
AUTHOR: B.B. Hamel
RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Goodreads | Amazon (KU)

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here fanning myself off after this steamy read! This trope is really starting to become a favorite of mine. Julian was such a dirty talker. I never knew what was going to come out of his mouth. I would happily call him Daddy! Honestly, Avery didn’t stand a chance against him and his charm. 

I haven’t read anything else from B.B. Hamel, but I might need to take a look at the rest of the books in this series if they are as hot as this one was! 


So that wraps up my reviews of some of the erotic romances that I have read recently. 

Thanks for reading!

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