May 2019 TBR

Hi friends! It’s time for another TBR! I’m super excited about May because my birthday is this month! Just in case you didn’t think I would be one of those extra people that celebrate the whole month, think again

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I know that I probably won’t get much reading done towards the end of the month, so instead actually making a strict TBR, I’m just going show you the 4 books that I’m hoping to read. books I hope to get toThat’s it! I have romance and a YA release that I’m super excited for. We also can’t forget single dad romance, we all know that’s my favorite trope! This should be easy to stick to since some of them are fairly short and have tropes that I love.

So here are the books that I’m hoping to get to in May.

What’s on your May TBR?

52 thoughts on “May 2019 TBR

  1. Yay for birthday month! I’m tackling my two big reads for the year – A Queen of Air and Darkness (912 pages) and The Priory of the Orange Tree (848 pages). I think that’s enough for May, ha! I might sprinkle in some graphic novels in there but we’ll see.

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      1. SO big, omg. I don’t know what I got myself into. Although, I’m about 65% done with Queen of Air and Darkness, so I just have to push through and finish it! But yeah, it’s a lot of pages.

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  2. Happy Birthday month!! I keep hearing great things of With the Fire on High. Right now I’m reading The Candle and the Flame. I’m probably going to use this month to catch up on some ARCs and try and get ahead.

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