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Top Ten Tuesday // Unpopular Book Opinions

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, but is now hosted at  That Artsy Reader Girl!

This week’s meme is unpopular bookish opinions! I have SO MANY of these, so narrowing it down to just 10 was hard AF. Ya’ll will come to find out that I hardly agree with half of the opinions in the bookish community. 

Let’s jump into it, shall we! Also, these are just my opinions! So if we don’t agree, no biggie.Image result for Don't come for me gif


  • I still dog-ear my pages when I don’t have a bookmark and don’t really see the big deal about doing it.
  • I think the Harry Potter books are okay. Even younger Kayla never really thought they were wonderful. This is the one book/book series that I prefer the movies!

Image result for I said what I said gif

  • I hate the terms Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction.
  • I love me a fucked up love interest. Like seriously, stalkers and psychos are welcome here. I know we are supposed to say “oh no” and “he’s terrible“, but I’m always drawn to those.  (Examples: Maven from the Red Queen series, Vicious by L.J. Shen)
  • I don’t participate in Smut-A- Thon because I find it annoys me. The books that people are reading and judging supercritically are books that I love and hold dear to my heart. 
  • I would rather read a standalone than keep up with a series. Ya’ll, my memory is so crappy and I ALWAYS have to do a reread before the next book releases. 
  • I really dislike movie or tv show cover adaptations. Just nope!
  • I actually enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey series.
  • I don’t read books from male POV because I find myself trying harder to relate.
  • I can’t read a book that doesn’t have any romance in it. lightpinkdivider

So there are 10 of my unpopular book opinions. What are some of yours? 

Thanks for reading

48 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Unpopular Book Opinions

  1. I ALWAYS prefer standalones – my memory also sucks! It’s the same reason I prefer TV shows that don’t have complicated plotlines (like Game of Thrones), I much prefer the shows you can just watch random episodes and understand just fine (like Friends)!!

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  2. I’m with you on Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction frustration. My favorite book of 2017 was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo which is technically Women’s Fiction. I would never have found it myself in the bookstore had it not been recommended to me by a friend. I wish books were all just shelved in one fiction section. I feel like branding a book Women’s Fiction intentionally pushes men away from buying/reading, which is unfortunate.

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  3. I’ve never admitted it to anyone, but sometimes if I don’t have a bookmark I’ll dog-ear a page. I cringe a little when I have to do it, but when there’s no bookmark I gotta do what I gotta do lol. I also realized that I basically only read books with romance in it, even if they aren’t romance.

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  4. I love this list, Kayla! I actually don’t like the term “smut” referring to romance books even though the romance readers who use it want to embrace the term. I just feel that it is just adding fire to the already negative view of romance by the non-romance reading public.

    I read romance and YA – but the YA has to be sci-fi or fantasy. I tend to avoid YA contemporaries or reality-inspired stories. Also, I hate non-fiction!

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  5. I HATE the term “chick lit” too! Like… wtf does that even mean?! It sounds so sexist and stupid to me lol. And I kind of agree with you on Smut-a-thon, I know you read a lot more romance than I do so it probably hits closer to home for you if that makes sense, but same – I see people who NEVER read romance picking it up and trash talking it and it frustrates me a lot. I actually feel a similar way about the “Witch” readathons (there’s one big one, I don’t remember the name). A bunch of people who never care about it any other time of the year want to jump on the bandwagon and make it all about them and it bugs me lol. Sorry, lots of feelings about that. 😂😂

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  6. I’m glad someone else like standalones too! Recently found your blog through manga tag, looks fun and varied.

    Personally, a standalone novel is great because it’s a one-time investment. I don’t have to remember Revan Ducksworth from Chapter 2, Book 3, I can just read the book and enjoy it for what it is. My favorite book of all time,To Kill A Mockingbird, is a standalone and that’s great.

    What sequel? That doesn’t exist, shush.

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  7. I feel you on the fucked up memory, that is the big reason I don’t enjoy starting an uncompleted series because I have to re-read every time a new book comes out lol. I also don’t see anything wrong with dog earing books, it’s yours do what you want with it!

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  8. I completely relate with the last point! Every book I’ve ever finished without romance in it I’ve always thought “nice, but would have been better if it was an epic love story instead.”

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