Wicked Games by Vivian Wood & Amelia Wilde

45016921Wicked Games
by Vivan Wood and Amelia Wilde
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A secret society.
A forbidden crush.
And an unsolved murder…Emily Danes expected the tough classes at Campbell College, one of the most exclusive and prestigious universities in the world. She expected the ivy-covered halls. She expected the money.She didn’t see Wolf Astor coming.Obscenely wealthy, socially connected, and heart-stoppingly gorgeous, he’s everything she ever dreamed of in a man.He’s also a total prick.

But at a place like Campbell College, there’s no escape. Not from Wolf, and not from the secrets hidden behind the graceful facades of the campus.

With every day that passes, she’s drawn deeper into the underbelly of the wealthy and privileged at Campbell: a secret society known as the Skulls & Thorns.

And with a murderer loose on campus, she’s running out of time to escape.

MY feelingsI was so ready to enjoy this one. A new adult romance with a secret society and a case who did it. It sounded like something right up my alley! Sadly, I just felt like this was a waste of my time. I don’t mean for that to sound harsh, but I can’t get the time back that I used reading this book. I’ll just lay out the reasons why this didn’t work for me. 

Characters. This switches between dual POV between Emily and Wolf. Our main character Emily was a hot mess. She was weak and indecisive. She was always crying or second guessing everything. While I didn’t like her, I did like Wolf. He knew what he wanted and that was Emily. What he saw in her, I have no idea. 

Love Triangle. Let me mention that this has one of my most hated tropes. I despise love triangles. Not only is Emily a mess, but she leads both of these guys on in a way that was unnecessary and annoying. I think both of these guys could have done better. 

No actual mystery. There was a mystery aspect to this that honestly fell flat and was quite boring. I forgot so many times that there was a killer out there.

Remember how I talked about wasting my time? Well, this ends in such a rushed ending that it didn’t even feel like an ending. No HEA or HFN feels here you guys. Maybe what bothers me is that I had to click on a link and sign up for their newsletters to get a bonus look at Emily and Wolf’s life a couple of months down the road. WHAT?

As you can tell I have a lot of feelings about what I just read and I should just quit where I’m at.2 Star Rating

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