Is It Time to Take A Break? July Hiatus.

Hi friends! By the title of this post then you already know what’s going on. I really didn’t want to do it but honestly, my mental health has taken a dive. This is my second year book blogging and I hit the ground running. I started off strong and kept it up for this long but I have been a bit unhappy with myself and in a rut. I’ve been thinking of taking a small break for a bit but so scared that people would forget me and not care.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be back in August and I will have prescheduled reviews every Monday (and sometimes Fridays) in July. I will also be making sure to check in every once in a while and like and comment on your blog posts.

In July, I am taking a break from reading, creating blog posts, and keeping up with bookstagram. I lost some of my love for reading and it honestly hurts. Reading is my safe place and something I have treasured for a long time. To lose love for that part of my life is unacceptable. 

I need to fall in love with reading again. I need to read without worrying about deadlines and reviews. I want to actually get excited about a book release instead of dreading it because I haven’t read the ARC in time. Yes, ARCS are also playing a big part in this. I am aware of my privilege as a US blogger to receive ARCS. However, I’m drowning in them.

What also plays a big part is trying to keep with everyone else. Don’t tell me that I’m the only one who does that. Am I the only one who gets serious FOMO when you see ARC unboxings on Instagram or feel like you should read certain books because they are popular? 

So what am I going to be doing during this hiatus? I just plan to catch up on all of the things that that I have been neglecting. Maybe I’ll play Sims, watch anime or find a K-Drama to watch. Also, all show and anime recommendations are welcome! I do plan on reading in the meantime but only when I feel like it. 

So yeah, I’m finally taking a break for my mental health and to rekindle my love for reading. I will leave my links for my social media at the bottom of the post in case you want to reach out in the meantime. Until then, see y’all in August!

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50 thoughts on “Is It Time to Take A Break? July Hiatus.

  1. Take the time and do whats best for you!!

    It has really come to light to me in the past few weeks how much pressure book bloggers and bookstagramers put on themselves, including myself. Keeping up with everyone else, I see you, I hear you. I DO THE SAME THING! It’s so crazy how much we want to read what others are reading because it’s “cool” or just came out instead of reading what you want to read or what you love.

    I wish you the best in finding your love for reading again!!! ❤

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  2. You go girl! Work on you!

    This month I am taking a bit of a social media break – FB, Twitter, whatnot. I’ll still read and write my reviews, but I need a break from the constant social media spurs. I’m even going as far as to limit myself to my phone unless needed, like texts or phone calls. So far I’m on day two and I hadn’t realized just how much I let my phone turn into my third arm.

    good luck to you!!

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  3. I get the keeping up with everyone thing. That’s hard to avoid. I told myself I’m only requesting ARCs I would read anyways and then reading whatever I want. I also decided a long time ago not to worry about stats out what anyone else was doing. I thought back to why I even stayed my blog. Enjoy your time off.

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  4. Kayla, we won’t forget you! One thing I learned after taking an EXTENDED hiatus earlier this year (6 months!) was that this community – and I mean this in the nicest way possible – is like a herd of elephants: they never forget! I was welcomed back after my lengthy hiatus by old friends who were still waiting for me to return. It felt amazing as I was pretty sure I was going to come back to a dead blog and find it really difficult to generate any interest in my reviews again.

    I definitely say enjoy your time off! We all need the break now and again, and there is no shame in taking a vacation. Reading/blogging shouldn’t feel like an obligation – it should be a hobby we enjoy partaking in during our free time.

    I felt that way about ARCs myself. It was really tough because I was drowning in hundreds of books at home that I *wanted* to read, but always felt like I owed my time to some advanced copy of the next book to hit the shelves instead. When I came back from my hiatus, I closed my blog to review/arc requests and I haven’t requested anything from Netgalley since. In some ways I miss being in the know about these new releases, but in a lot of ways I feel like I can breathe again and choose what calls to me to read, rather than be forced into a book I might not be in the right headspace for.

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  5. Hope this break helps you recharge and get back into reading and blogging! Self-care is super important, and taking breaks is so necessary. Can’t wait to read posts when you get back!

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  6. I wish you all the best and hope your break will help you to find your love for books again! I know to be a blogger isn’t always easy and there is a lot of pressure if you receive ARCs. Take care and do the things you want to do! ❤ We'll miss you and I'm sure we'll all wait for you return! 😀

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  7. Take your time! I’ve also been feeling the same way about reading/getting ARCs, and sometime the best option is to just take a step back! Sending lots of love your way 💗

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  8. Good For You Kayla!!! Take a book break and consider a social media break too. FOMO is real and depressing. So is pressure. Always wishing you the Best!! And I guarantee I’ll be following you no matter what.

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  9. I am so proud of you for putting yourself first and stepping back, I truly hope this break revives your love of reading! I don’t do bookstagram because it’s so much work and quickly sucked the joy from everything, I commend you & everyone else that does multiple platforms. So tiring. Love you and I will be here when you are back!

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  10. I am so proud of you for speaking your truth & sharing it with your blogger world..I knew if you developed a love for reading in the early years it would be a lifelong lasting gift on so many levels. Not only in an imaginative sense, but most importantly for PLEASURE. Reading can let you live in another time in history, or visit a faraway place and live a completely different life. You can meet a character and think, This person is just like me, or, Wow, I’ve never looked at things this way before.
    YOU HAVE SURPASSED MY DREAMS FOR YOU!!! Hell take 2 months or as much time as you need to get your love back for reading.And when and if you return to blogging do on your terms. It has to make you happy. If it doesn’t then let it go. But don’t let it steal you love and joy of reading. I love you and will support you in whatever you decide.

    Your Mom

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