The Second Coming (Rogue Academy #1) by Carrie Aarons

46116481The Second Coming
Series: Rouge Academy
by: Carrie Aarons
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They call him the second coming.
Of honor for British football.
Of God in an athlete’s body.
Of every English woman’s fantasy.Jude Davies is my country’s prodigy on the pitch. More famous than the nobility in Buckingham Palace, he and his merry band of scoundrels rule the Rogue Football Academy and the London nightlife scene alike.And now, he’s aiming his well-honed set of skills directly at me. His devilish charm is lethal, but with the tragic hand life has dealt me, distractions like him aren’t an option.Plus, we’re only playing a game. One of convenience, where he needs me to save his reputation, and I need his money to save the one person I love.Until he wraps me around that immoral finger.
Until I crave that reckless, wild high he provides.
Until I hope for a future that will never happen.

That’s the thing about going toe-to-toe with the next football legend. He’s faster, stronger, and will destroy me every time.

MY feelingsThis was a quick sports romance that delivered on the chemistry and romance. I have previously read Carrie Aarons before so I knew that I would enjoy her writing and storytelling. However, even though I enjoyed reading it I can’t say it’s going to be favorite. 

What I did really enjoy about this book were the characters. I thought they were great and had some awesome chemistry. They are from different worlds but we know love doesn’t care about that. Jude helped Aria be strong and chase her dreams while she helped Jude change to someone who actually cared about his future. 

This read like any basic New Adult novel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! It just didn’t give me the sparks and the feels that I was expecting. Some of Jude’s actions got tiresome because he literally just kept making the same mistakes over again. 

Like I said before, even though I didn’t love it, I did enjoy it. I’m actually excited to see who the next book is about. I have an idea about who it is and if I’m right, then we will be getting a lot of enemies to lovers vibes!3 Star Rating

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13 thoughts on “The Second Coming (Rogue Academy #1) by Carrie Aarons

      1. I read it, but I probably won’t review it. I liked it, but didn’t quite love it. It could have been my mood because I’ve been in the more carefree YA reading mood lately. This was darker, so it might have been that. I think I will try The Second Coming, too. Her writing was really good.

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  1. I felt this review. I’ve read exactly one book by Aarons and I just didn’t connect with the characters and story enough to brave another one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one though cause I’ve had my eye on it but I think I’ll pass.

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