Mini Reviews // Catching Him & The Candle Palace

Hi friends! I’m back with another post of mini reviews! I recently finished two romance ARCS and just thought to combine in one post. We have Catching Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds and The Candle Palace by Devney Perry.

I’m so glad to say that both of these were hits for me!

43982500. sy475 Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha, #1)
by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Leah Emerson isn’t looking for a man—she’s looking for the right man. But her mother’s idea of a great catch leaves her cold, and she’s pretty sure her cocky, arrogant, and way too good-looking new neighbor isn’t the one either. If only her wayward cat would stop jumping through his window, she could get on with her life.

Tyler Duncan moved into town for a new job, not to fall in love. But he always goes after the things he wants in life with steadfast determination…and he wants Leah Emerson. He wants her smiles, he wants her touch, and he definitely wants her in bed.

Unfortunately, someone else wants Leah—in the worst way. Now Tyler’s on a mission to protect the woman he’s falling in love with while proving he’s worth falling for, and Leah must decide whether Tyler is a catch worth catching…

As usual, I enjoyed this one. ARR is one of my go to romance authors. I always know that I’ll get an alpha romance and low angst. Two of my favorite things in a romance novel. 

I did enjoy Leah and Tyler’s romance. It was sweet and really made me smile. I love that Tyler made sure that Leah got to know him before he made his move. Leah wanted someone that showed her that they were interested and wasn’t playing games. Well, that’s exactly what she got from Tyler. The lack of games and back and forth was really great.

Even though I did love them, I did feel like something was missing. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s something. Maybe I was comparing it to the Until Her/Him series. I don’t know. Also, the conflict here was easily predictable. You can’t win them all though.

Even though I didn’t love it like her other books, I still enjoyed it! If you are a fan of low angst and ARR’s writing then I recommend it! I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.4 Star Rating


43886176. sx318 The Candle Palace (Jamison Valley, #6)
by Devney Perry

Sometimes a single flame can ignite a love that lasts a lifetime.

Milo Phillips knows the meaning of pain. Suffering through the most intense physical agony of his life, he’s confined to a hospital bed to bear it alone. More than once, he wishes he’d died in the explosion that melted and mangled his skin. Darkness consumes him, snuffing all the joy in his life and leaving an empty hole in its place.

But one day, a flicker of light sneaks into his hospital room, driving away some of the hopelessness. For the first time in months, pain isn’t all he feels.

The flicker’s name is Sara Foster, his new nurse. Milo just hopes that Sara can see past his scars. Because underneath, his heart has begun beating again just for her.


I have to admit that I haven’t read this series since I finished The Clover Chapel. However, when I saw that this was going to be a novella about Milo I knew I wanted to read it. The best thing about this novella was that I never felt like I was starting something at the end of a series. 

This is telling the story of how Sara and Milo met. A nurse working in the burn unit falling for her patient. It was just the right about of sweet and emotional. I really enjoyed reading how they fell for one another and how they overcame the obstacles they both had in their life. 

It was also great seeing some of the women from the past books. They came together and made this friendship that was awesome to read about. 

All in all, this was a very sweet novella from Devney Perry. I’m glad she came back to Jamison Valley to give the readers a nice ending to the series. 

I received an ARC via the author for an honest review.

4 Star Rating

So that wraps up my reviews of some of the romances that I have read recently.

Thanks for reading! ♥

10 thoughts on “Mini Reviews // Catching Him & The Candle Palace

  1. Was ARR’s book romantic suspense? I didn’t request it because the blurb had me thinking so, and I don’t always like to read romantic suspense. You make it sound good, though — even if something was missing.

    I really need to get to that Jamison Valley series! I’m so behind on Devney Perry books. It’s not even funny!

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      1. Well Devney started to work with Invite Only but not telling it right away. So we did the promo but never got an invite to review. I don’t mind promoting without reviewing I mind if you don’t tell it right away. Then she asked her reviewers of ARC to buy the book on Amazon before posting to make it looke like a “certified” review …

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