Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds #4) by J. Daniels

43865570. sy475 Down Too Deep
Series: Dirty Deeds
by: J. Daniels
Expected Publication Date: October 8, 2019
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After his wife died two years ago, Nathan Bell has neglected his responsibility to his baby daughter, letting his parents raise her while he loses himself in his work. But when his parents give him an ultimatum, Nate needs new child care… fast.

Jenna Savage can see the pain Nate is in and how much he desperately wants to connect with his daughter. It’s not a problem at all for the single mom to watch his little girl along with her own two children. Soon, Jenna can’t help but fall in love with Nate and the family they seem to be building together, but can the career-driven, guilt-ridden man look beyond his heartbreak and learn to love again?

MY feelingsThis was my first book by J. Daniels and I really enjoyed it! We got a super cute romance and some adorable children. I am trash for single parent romances so I had high hopes for this one. There were some things that kept me from loving it completely but nevertheless, I enjoyed my time reading this. 

I loved Jenna from the beginning. She was selfless and just so damn caring. The amount of love she gave her kids and even Marley warmed my heart so much! I couldn’t get enough of her relationship with her kids. Now Nathan on the other hand, I had ups and downs with him. In the beginning, he wasn’t a favorite. Reading about him building a relationship with his daughter is what brought me to open up to him. While I can’t say that I love him, I do this he was a good match for Jenna.

Daniels gave us so many swoony moments and just awesome characters to root for in general. I adored the relationship that Nate made with Jenna’s kids. The five of these characters made a family that so sweet to read about. I enjoyed the way that they cared for each other and showed their affection without hesitation. 

So what were the things that I didn’t enjoy? I really don’t enjoy the dead spouse aspect of stories. Most of the time the character isn’t ready to move on or they are still in love and trying to move on anyway. Either way, it takes me out of the romance that we are actually reading about. Since Nathan never wanted to talk about Sadie it gave me the feeling that he wasn’t ready to move on. 

Besides my issues, I enjoy this story and can’t wait to read J. Daniel’s backlist. If you are a fan of single parent romances and adorable children, then give this a read! 

TW: suicide 4 Star Rating✨I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.

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10 thoughts on “Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds #4) by J. Daniels

  1. Great review! I’m so happy you enjoyed this book. I adore J. Daniels’ books. I am wondering, though, if you might have enjoyed this one more if you had read the rest of the series first. Nate is one of those characters that’s there throughout, but is almost kind of a mystery. I knew a little bit about him and what might be coming, so I could see beyond some of the stuff that probably made you not so sure of him at first.

    I really hope you do go back and read this series. I think you will like it. I would also recommend her Alabama Summer series. It’s really good, too!

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