Mini Reviews // Pumpkinheads & The Babysitters Coven

Hi friends! I’m rolling out another mini review post! I recently finished a graphic novel and also a YA paranormal read.

Both of these were pretty hyped and I wasn’t really impressed with either one. Well, I like Pumpkinheads a tad bit more than The Babysitters Coven but I’m still meh about both.

Image result for pumpkinheads rainbow rowellPumpkinheads
by: Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks
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The artwork here was absolutely adorable and this graphic novel gave me so many fall vibes that I had to go get a Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew after reading. This takes place on Halloween and I can’t say enough good things about the atmosphere.

Besides the artwork, my other favorite was Deja. I absolutely loved her so much! She was spunky, funny, and so loyal to her friendship with Josiah. While her sexuality was never really labeled, she was very fluid in who she dated.

Where my rating fell off was with the actual story and our other main character Josiah. This really just turned in to them trying to get Josiah to talk to the crush that he’s had for the past three years. From the synopsis, I thought we would get so much more. That’s really all I can say without giving spoilers.

All in all, great diversity and artwork. Everything else to me was just average and predictable.3 Star Ratinglightpinkdivider

38856385The Babysitters Coven
by: Kate Williams
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I was so excited to read this book. I mean how you could not be? A babysitters club that has to keep the world safe, along with that cover. I’m so disappointed to say that I didn’t love it and bits of this story dragged for me.

The characters were bland at times it really seemed like nothing was actually happening. I didn’t connect with any characters, especially Cassandra. She was very reckless and seemed to only care about herself. Esme just went along with everything she said. Her best friend Janice was really the only person here with any sense.

A lot of this novel is basically just following Esme around in her everyday life. I was expecting more. Of what? Anything. More character development, more actual background on the sitters, and especially even more romance.

Also, the tone of this book also read very juvenile. It really did. There was such an overuse of abbreviations such as IRL and IDK that I was getting annoyed. Who really says IRL in an actual conversation? Maybe because I’m almost 30, but that really got old really quick.

Would I pick the second book in this series? I want to say maybe because maybe it will better, but I am really jaded by being disappointed by this debut. I’m keeping the option open until we get a synopsis for it.

This was a buddy read with Taylor over at Nerd Narration💕

I received an ARC for an honest review.2 Star Rating

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17 thoughts on “Mini Reviews // Pumpkinheads & The Babysitters Coven

  1. Lovely reviews, Kayla! This is now the second review I’ve seen by some of my fav. reviewers saying that the Babysitter’s Coven was such a disappointment! I honestly don’t think I would be able to get past the juvenile writing and bland characters. I hope your next reads are more enjoyable! ❤

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