Changes Coming to my Blog in 2020

Hello friends, 

Some things have changed for me in the past couple of months and my blog will also be changing while I go through those changes. I am starting a new job and just overall want my blog to reflect my true self.

Less Reviews and Posts

The biggest change will be that I am starting a new job this month. With my current job, I had A LOT of downtime to read. That what really contributed to all the books I have been able to read. My new job will be busier and take so much more time. Once I get comfortable there I hope to come up with a posting schedule, but I know that it will be less than what I post now.

My ideal weekly posting goal for 2020:

  • One review
  • WWW Wednesday post
  • T5T postPost Divder

Less ARC Reviews

This goes hand in hand with the previous one above. With less time to read and me already feeling overwhelmed (& being behind) with ARCs, I need to take a step back. I have already been going back and forth about not requesting them completely and this seemed like a good place to start. While I am privileged enough to receive them, I’m going to request and accept about 1 or 2 a month instead of the number that I do now.

Post Divder

More Romance and Manga Dedicated Posts

Related image

While we know I all love romance and manga, I don’t post about them as much as I should. I always try to include all types of books on the blog, and while that’s good, I feel like I haven’t been my true self here. All I want is Romance and Manga most of the time. While I do like YA and may dab in thrillers, these two are where my heart is.

Speaking of where my heart is, I’ve even tried to cut down on the amount of erotic romance I read because I know it isn’t as popular as YA. I didn’t want to lose followers or friendships because we don’t read the same books. Now that doesn’t mean that other genres won’t be read or talked about her because they will. I just won’t be trying to a blogger that tries to appeal to everyone anymore.

So there are some of the changes that will be coming to Books and Blends in 2020. I hope you decide to stay around with me, but no hard feelings if you don’t.

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45 thoughts on “Changes Coming to my Blog in 2020

  1. Omg! Congratulations on the new position! I’m so happy for you!!! I’m also happy that you’re going to blog about the things that only appeal to you! I plan to request/accept less arcs in 2020 too. That’s one of my goals.

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  2. I feel you on posting content you think it appeals to the masses. Btw! I love following your blog despite being more of a fantasy reader myself. Next year my goal is to post more adult fiction reviews even though I think I’m mainly followed by YA readers. To be fair, that’s what I was reading when I started. I can’t wait to see you post more romance/manga!

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  3. Congratulations on your new job! Honestly, I would love to focus more time with mangas. They aren’t popular but i love them and just don’t spend enough time reading them.

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      1. Seriously! My husband makes fun of me haha and I think a lot of people just think they are weird or have never tried them.

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  5. Kayla, firstly, congratulations on the new job: I hope brings you joy while still working your arse off. 😘
    I will still be following your posts no matter what you post. ♥️ I’ve never read books just because they’re popular with book bloggers and seem to have a wide variety of followers. Read what you love reading and post what you want to share. ♥️

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  6. good luck with your new job and 2020 reading goals! Managing ARCS has always been a time struggle for me and sometimes its ok to the breaks from requesting! Great post 🙂

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