February 2020 Wray Up

Hello friends! February was the month of love and I did read my fair share of romance. I only got to 12 titles this month and almost all of them were novellas. While I did find a new favorite, I did have quite a few books that I wish I could take back reading. 

 I sadly didn’t get a chance to read any manga in February, so there won’t be a manga wrap up this post. However, I did purchase quite a few volumes so there will new manga content coming soon! 


Now to the main reason of this post, the books! 

Best Book Read

Follow by Tessa Bailey

Least Favorite Book

Pretty, Dark & Dirty by Margot Scott

Any title that has a * next to it means that it’s coming up in the next few weeks 🙂

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Doctor Dearest by R.S. Grey | ⭐⭐ // Review
Hard Wood by Jenika Snow | ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Valentine by K.L. Fast & M.K. Moore | ⭐⭐

36499107. sy475 Pizza My Heart (The Way To A Man's Heart #1) 50724793. sx318

Follow by Tessa Bailey * |
Pizza My Heart by Frankie Love |
Pretty, Dark, & Dirty by Margot Scott | ⭐ // Review

The Wrong/Right Man 50729230. sy475 48568009. sy475

The Right/Wrong Man by Aurora Rose Reynolds *| ⭐ // Review
A Pinch of Sugar by Jessa Kane |
Anything for Daddy by B.B. Hamel |

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A Dash of Spice by Jessa Kane |
Sweet Spot by Frankie Love |
In the Dark by Isla Chiu |

That’s it for February, moving on to March!

17 thoughts on “February 2020 Wray Up

  1. That cover for Follow 🤩🤩 glad u found a new fav! May have to add that one to my TBR!! Hope March is an even better reading month for u 🙂


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