Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa

32731881. sy475 Rhapsodic
Series: The Bargainer
Author: Laura Thalassa
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Callypso Lillis is a siren with a very big problem, one that stretches up her arm and far into her past. For the last seven years she’s been collecting a bracelet of black beads up her wrist, magical IOUs for favors she’s received. Only death or repayment will fulfill the obligations. Only then will the beads disappear.

Everyone knows that if you need a favor, you go to the Bargainer to make it happen. He’s a man who can get you anything you want … at a price. And everyone knows that sooner or later he always collects.

But for one of his clients, he’s never asked for repayment. Not until now. When Callie finds the fae king of the night in her room, a grin on his lips and a twinkle in his eye, she knows things are about to change. At first it’s just a chaste kiss—a single bead’s worth—and a promise for more.

For the Bargainer, it’s more than just a matter of rekindling an old romance. Something is happening in the Otherworld. Fae warriors are going missing one by one. Only the women are returned, each in a glass casket, a child clutched to their breast. And then there are the whispers among the slaves, whispers of an evil that’s been awoken.

If the Bargainer has any hope to save his people, he’ll need the help of the siren he spurned long ago. Only, his foe has a taste for exotic creatures, and Callie just happens to be one.

MY feelingsI finally got around to reading this book and I’m so proud of that accomplishment. In all seriousness, this book has been on my kindle since March of 2017. If I wouldn’t have read Pestilence by this author earlier a few months ago, then it most likely would have still been sitting there.

Now, was I wowed by this? Nope. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad book. It just wasn’t what I thought it would be. There were fae and fae courts and a few dark themes that surround this that should have made this book a winner for me. However, it feels like this book was stretched and I can honestly say I felt every single one of these 400+ pages. I never found myself getting lost in the pages nor the story.

The relationship between Callie and The Bargainer is told in the past and the present. So while we are reading about him coming to collect, we are also getting flashbacks and seeing how their relationship started and why it ended. I can see why the author did it. It made you curious about when and why the separation between them happened. I will say that it made the story not flow as well. It was kind of frustrating to be constantly pulled from the present.

As far as characters go, I did like both of our main characters. They had the chemistry that kept me reading because of the “will they or won’t they” situation. Another thing I did like was the world building. I loved being in the otherworld and learning about all fae courts.

While I did like this for the most part, I’m still unsure if I want to continue on with the rest of the series. I just don’t have this NEED to pick up the next one.

3 Star Rating
TW: Talks of sexual harassment & rape

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13 thoughts on “Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa

  1. Another well-written review, Kayla.
    I’ve got Laura Thalassa’s Pestilence waiting patiently on my Kindle, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed that one but it’s not high on my TBR list because I’m trying to finish series this year not keep starting new ones! Lol! ;-p


      1. I’m not a fan of Ya especially now that I’m menopausal 😂 I am interested in what you think about her other series though 😘

        Liked by 1 person

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