Maneuver (Men of Inked: Southside #1) by Chelle Bliss

Series: Men in Inked: Southside
by Chelle Bliss
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He’s always been the player… but he’s about to get played.


Growing up on the rough Southside of Chicago, I learned how to play the field. Between my rugged good-looks, rock-hard body, and panty-melting smile, I was used to getting my way.

…But then she walked into my club.


I may have grown up with the finer things in life, but that doesn’t mean I take crap from anyone. I’m tough as nails, fiercely independent, and am never afraid to speak my mind.

…But then then he stormed into my life.

MY feelingsLet’s ignore the stripper like cover! LOL! So this was my first book by Chelle Bliss and I’m so mad at myself for waiting this long! This book has so many things that I look for in my romance. Babies, alpha male, and hot AF chemistry! This book checked all those off my list. 

From the second that we met Delilah, I loved her. I hated that she was raising a baby in a crappy environment with her alcoholic father. She was a rich girl but I kept forgetting because she was so down to earth. She never came off as someone who was scared of hard work and wouldn’t risk all she had for her baby.

Lucio was a big teddy bear. I mean don’t get me wrong, he was still sexy and a downright alpha. But once you read one scene with him and Lulu? You’ll see what I mean. I ate up every single scene he had with Delilah and Lulu! 

The romance was awesome and the chemistry was sizzling. I dare you not to look for a fan to cool you off! 

The highlight of this book for me was the Gallo family. The way they cared for each other and the way that they got along really was something great to read about. They really accepted Delilah and her baby and thought of her as one of their own. It was great to read about Delilah finding a place where she belonged. 

I really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to read more from Chelle Bliss!5 Star Rating

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