Mister Tonight by Kendall Ryan

36151788Mister Tonight
by Kendall Ryan
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Last night was the most embarrassing night of my life.

I was that girl.

You know, the highly intoxicated chick celebrating her thirtieth birthday with her two best friends—who are happily married. And the more I drank, the more I wanted to do something reckless to celebrate.

By reckless, I mean the sexy and alluring man dressed in a business suit standing near the bar. You know his type—tall, dark, handsome. I was sure he was out of my league, but I’d had just enough alcohol that things like that no longer seemed to matter. I’m not fat, mind you, but you can tell I like french fries, so there’s that.

He took me home, and I enjoyed the hottest birthday sex of my life. Well, until it came to a screeching and rather unwelcome halt.

There’s nothing quite like being interrupted mid-ride with a little voice asking, “What are you doing to my daddy?”

Just kill me now . . . or so I thought.

Come to find out, the man I rode like a bull at the rodeo is my new landlord.

my Feelings

“Once I met you and saw how my future could look, it all became so clear. I want more.” 

Single father romance will always be one of my favorites so I was excited to read this book. It was super cute and had a ton of swoon-worthy moments with lots of steam between our main characters.

I really enjoyed Kate as the main character. She knew what she wanted in life and in the bedroom! She was a bit of a commitment-phobe and wasn’t ready to settle down. She was funny and I loved how caring she was. I instantly loved Hunter! From his dad jokes down to his terrible kitchen skills. The way he took care of Maddie warmed my heart. He was looking for a partner and a woman to add to his family with Maddie.

You would think that these two wouldn’t end up making it work, but they did! Not only did they have chemistry (hot hot chemistry) but they also were friends. They talked about their day and watched movies together. Really taking the time to get to know another. 

Also, I don’t know if other people mentioned this in their reviews or not, but I loved that Maddie didn’t warm up to Kate right away. It seemed more real that way!

All in all, I loved this book! I highly recommend this one if you enjoy single romance and also a romance that doesn’t have unnecessary drama.4 Star Rating purple

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