Charmed Souls (Black Souls #1) by Abbi Glines

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Series: Black Souls
Author: Abbi Glines
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They say blood is thicker than water, but I was never proud of mine. A female born into the Kamlock bloodline was destined to possess three things they couldn’t change—a crazy as hell mother, an unfair amount of beauty, and a Charmed soul that was as black as night.

All a Kamlock woman ever desired in life was to use her beauty to destroy wealthy men and take their riches. A century had passed since a generation of Kamlock sisters had been anything other than gold diggers.

All I ever wanted was to be free of them. I knew I couldn’t change my cursed birth, but I could change its legacy. I had a job, I had friends, and I was slowly gaining my independence.

Until Rathe Scott crashed into my life and tore it apart.

He made me feel what I had spent my entire life never wanting to feel. He brought out a darkness I’d not known was inside me. And just when I thought I was becoming everything I had sworn I would never become…

He was gone.

my FeelingsWhat did I just read? I have to admit that I haven’t been loving anything new by Abbi Glines for a few releases now. I was excited to see that she was releasing another paranormal romance because I did enjoy her Existense series back in the day. However, there was so much missing and a lot of things were never explained. I’m going to try and keep this one short. Most of this will be about the characters because it was SUCH a character based book. Hardly any of the magic was talked about.

All of the characters were very one dimensional and I couldn’t connect with any of them. I wanted to love Catalina but she didn’t make it easy. It felt like we really didn’t get to know her. All we got was that she and her family were witches. What kind? I don’t know. It really wasn’t elaborated on and there were even talks of her being having siren qualities, but that was never talked about again.

The supporting characters were so typical and forgetful. They fit a stereotype and weren’t fleshed out at all. You have the typical best friend, a love interest with a mystery to them, and of a course a guy friend in love with the heroine who doesn’t see it. While not all of the attributes are bad, it just made the story flat because she didn’t make these characters worth caring about.

All in all, I have to say that this book is highly forgetful and I really don’t picture myself reading the next book in the series.1 Star Rating purple

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11 thoughts on “Charmed Souls (Black Souls #1) by Abbi Glines

  1. I love paranormal romances. I’m not a huge fan of love stories in my movies, but I love a well-written one in books. It makes me sad that you ran across one that fell short.

    If you like paranormal romances, you might enjoy The Mating series by Nicky Charles. She has some definite spicy scenes, but the characters are relatable, and the stories are each original, and wonderful.


  2. Great review! It sucks when nothing is really explained when it comes to magic systems.


  3. Oh wow. That sure tanked for you. I don’t read her paranormal books. I have read many of her others, though. I do agree some of her newer ones haven’t been as good. I miss ones like her Sea Breeze series.


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