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July 2020 Wrap Up

Hello friends! As usual, I hope that everyone is staying safe. This was a weird reading month for me. I had so many 1 and 2 star reads. It really makes me feel some type of way. I did have a 5 star read which is shocking because I haven’t had one of those in a few months. The funny thing about that is that it was a Christmas cowboy romance that I picked up on a whim. I hope to pick up some more Christmas romances and at least two mangas next month. I’m really slipping on those too.

Reading aside, I’ve either been playing Animal Crossing or watching cleaning videos on YouTube. I’ve been an extremely boring person this past month. With sports coming back, I hope me and the husband can find some places that are social distancing so we can grab a drink and watch our teams play. 

Enough with the update, let’s jump into my wrap up for July!


I have been obsessed with two songs this month. Let me fangirl real quick. First up Easy by Stray Kids. I think my Spotify replay button is broken after the many times I have replayed this song.

Stray Kids reveals Easy, a GO teaser - Regard News

Next up is Irene & Seulgi with their subunit debut, Monster. Ya’ll, YA GIRL WASN’T READY!

Monster (Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi) | Kpop Wiki | Fandom

The song and video were the quality I was expecting and these ladies slayed it and me.


 Can someone please come take my switch away so I can stop playing Animal Crossing? I have been spending too many hours on that game instead of actually watching any tv. I’m determined to have something for this section in Augst! 


Now to the main reason of this post, the books! This month I’ve read 18 things this month.

July WU

Any title that has a * next to it means that it’s coming up in the next few weeks 🙂

5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy by Jessica Claire *

4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Until Talon by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review
Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds *
Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams *
Husky by Jessa Kane
Belong to Me by Lucy Darling
Daddy Bear by Laylah Roberts (reread)

3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
Dishing Up Love by K.D. Robichaux *
Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills | Review

2 Stars ⭐⭐
The Cake King by Rosie Chase
Bully Tricks by Ashlea Ryan
Bully Frenzy by Ashlea Ryan

1 Star 
When the Saint Falls by A.D. McCammon*
Broken Hills High by Sheridan Anne
Bully Secrets by Ashlea Ryan
Stepbrothers Rules by Renee Rose
Claimed by the Alpha by Sassa Daniels

So here is my wrap up for July, moving on to August!

20 thoughts on “July 2020 Wrap Up

  1. I love animal crossing! I’ve finally gotten more into playing it and am trying to catch up to everyone else and get to terraforming so I can fix my island, lol. let me know if you ever want to visit my very lackluster island, lol.


  2. We have been excited that sports are back, too. We have watched a couple WNBA games along with a couple of baseballs games. We don’t usually watch either. We’re more college sports viewers, but maybe that’s going to change now.

    You read a ton of books for only one 5 star. I was glad to see Dear Ava was at least 3 stars.


      1. Basketball is my favorite, too! We’re kind of weird because in our house we mostly follow the women’s teams. We got into them when we started taking my daughter to the UW women’s games a few years back. We also follow Oregon pretty closely, but have gotten more and more into it.


      2. I don’t know that I’ve watched them. I might have if they ever played against the PAC-12. Or maybe if I saw them in last year’s NCAA tournament. We mostly get PAC-12 aired here since they have their own channel.


  3. Glad you had a good month, minus all those 1 stars! Haha. Hopefully August will bring you some great reads!


  4. Oh I really need to start listening to Stray Kids. Monster is soooo good! It’s so sad that you had a lot of 1/2 stars books but it’s cool that you also had many 4/5 star reads! I hope you’re going to have a great reading month in August!

    Liked by 1 person

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