Secret (The King Brothers) by Louise Rose

Secret (The King Brothers Series Book 1) by [Louise  Rose]

Series: The King Brothers
Author: Louise Rose
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When you start living with your four overprotective brothers for the first time, the smart thing is to avoid their extremely hot best friend, and not kiss him. Right?

Izzy King knows dating former playboy, Blake Frost, behind her family’s back isn’t the greatest idea. When the attraction becomes too great to avoid, keeping their relationship a secret is the only way they can be together. But, Izzy isn’t the only one keeping secrets. The King brothers are full of them.

Can Blake and her brothers keep her safe from the past that haunts them all?
These kings could destroy her, but she isn’t able to walk away…Danger, lust, and King brothers never mix well.

Feelings Change

Originally read September 2017 | ★★★★☆

I actually never wrote a review for this one back in 2017😲 Well, the four star rating still stands. I still enjoyed this one second time around! 

Starts off with Izzy who lives with her foster parents finding out that she has family left in the world, 4 brothers actually. She moves from her foster home and in with the brothers who live together. She ends up meeting and falling for their friend Blake. This is where our story really takes off. They decide to keep their relationship a secret because they know that her brothers will not approve. I really wasn’t sure how to feel about Blake in the beginning. He was known around as being a player so I didn’t really trust in him in the beginning.

I really loved the brothers and their family dynamic. They needed a girl in the house and reading about all of them becoming close was really great! I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars for a couple of reasons. The writing wasn’t the greatest and the story was predictable at times and things seemed to go too perfect. Also, I know everybody has a past, but Blake’s manwhoring kept coming up and biting him in the ass at every turn. I started to feel sorry for Izzy a little, everywhere she turned either a crazy ex would come out of nowhere or his past was always brought up.

All in all, even though the writing was a bit choppy it was a book that I couldn’t seem to put down and I wouldn’t mind reading again.4 Star Rating

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