October 2020 Wrap Up

Hey y’all! How was everyone’s October? Did you have any new favorite reads? My reading in October was pretty bad. I did read 15 books, but only 5 of those were actually good. In case you couldn’t tell. my reading slump is still here. Before we get into the wrap up, I have to say that quite a few of these titles have the word Daddy in them. I have nothing to say except I love me some kink in my romance and it really showed this month. 

Besides reading, I’m still playing Animal Crossing, binging on TikTok, and watching Japanese apartment tour videos on YouTube. 


This month the K-Pop world was blessed with BlackPink’s album and it’s all I’ve been listening to this month. 

BLACKPINK: The Album Title Track Poster Features 'Lovesick Girls' Jisoo,  Rosé, Jennie And Lisa - Entertainment


I was recommended this anime by my best friend and I have really been enjoying it this month. If you are a fan of the sidekick friend finally getting a happy ending, then give this a watch! 

Watch My Love Story!! | Prime Video


Now to the main reason for this post, the books! This month I’ve read 15 things this month.

Any title that has a * next to it means that it’s coming up in the next few weeks 🙂

5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Bribe by Willa NashReview
Her Alpha Daddy Next Door by Nichole Rose
Her Date With An Alpha by Nichole Rose
Thick Cop Daddy by Jaye Diamond
Wild Ones, Vol 1 by Kiyo Fujiwara

3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
Everything for Her by Alexa Riley (reread)
Crushing on the Guy Next Door by Kali Hart
Love Me, Love Me Not Vol. 5 by Io Sakisaka

2 Stars ⭐⭐
Only You by Melanie Harlow *
Possessive Neighbor by K.L. Donn

Protector Daddy by Laylah Roberts *
My Own Daddy by Lila Fox
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Vol. 1 by Fujita
Falling for the Guy Next Door By Kali Hart
Mountain Daddy’s Trapped Little by Daisy March

1 Star ⭐
Mr. CEOooooooo by Olivia T. Turner

So here is my wrap up for October, moving on to November! 🍁🍂

18 thoughts on “October 2020 Wrap Up

  1. There are a lot of daddy books! LOL. I read one a while back that I liked by Katee Robert. I think it was Your Dad Will Do. Have you read that one?
    Also, so happy you enjoyed The Bribe!


  2. Ugh I am so sorry the slump is still with you, 5 out of 15 books is a sad ratio. I’ve been wanting to play Animal Crossing again but it’s been since May and I don’t want my villagers to be sad or have to spend years picking weeds lol


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