Warnings & Wildfires by Autumn Jones Lake

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Warnings & Wildfires
Author: Autumn Jones Lake 
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A steamy standalone romance featuring a swoon-worthy single dad and the one woman he absolutely shouldn’t fall in love with.


It’s a hot summer morning and I’m already running late.
I’m no one’s white knight, but when I see damsel in distress, I have to rescue her.
I didn’t know it would be Aubrey Dorado, the girl I swore was off-limits.
Now she’s under my skin and I can’t get her out of my head.
So, I did the worst thing possible and hired her to work in my gym.
Lusting after my new employee breaks my number one rule.
But each day she tempts me with her sweet personality, curvy body, and clever mind.
I’ve been burned by love before. Romance is a risk I can’t afford.
But how much longer can I resist the attraction simmering between us?

MY feelings
This had been sitting on my kindle for since last year and I was excited to finally get around to reading it. A cute heroine and a single dad? That’s my kindle crack right there. However, the way everything played out really made my excitement take a nosedive.

Sully was so hot and cold with Aubrey. I felt her frustration in dealing with him on a daily basis and not knowing how he was going to act. Don’t get me wrong, Aubrey wasn’t perfect. She was naive and a little slow, but she was genuine and didn’t play games. Once he finally got over his issues, they became a cute couple.

Besides Sully’s hot and cold, I had issues with the way Aubrey’s history came to present and Sully’s whole parenting situation. Can’t talk much about Aubrey’s past because that would spoil some things. But Sully wasn’t really a full-time single dad like he was made out to be. He only saw her once a month because she lived in another state. While he says that he wants to see her more, he never really seems to rock the boat on that issue and things just start to fall into place on their own.

If you can’t tell, this was an okay book for me. I don’t think I’m going to read from his author again, just because looking at her backlist, she has a lot of MC romance and only one other standalone. Neither of those interests me.

2 Star Rating

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2 thoughts on “Warnings & Wildfires by Autumn Jones Lake

  1. UGH! I read that blurb and then saw single dad in your review and my hopes were probably as high as yours. That sucks that it tanked. It sounds so frustrating! Thanks for reading this one so I don’t have to!


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