The Sweetest Fix by Tessa Bailey

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The Sweetest Fix
Author: Tessa Bailey
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Reese dreams of seeing her name in lights on Broadway, but so far she has only graced the used car parking lots of rural Wisconsin. With her window of opportunity shrinking fast, a miracle happens. She wins an audition with Bernard Bexley, Broadway’s most respected dance choreographer. When disaster strikes and Reese misses the audition, she has to find another way in front of Bernard, otherwise face the disappointment back home.

Following the sage advice of a Times Square Pikachu—Reese seeks out Bernard’s son, prepared to beg for his aid, never expecting mega sparks to fly between her and the gentle giant baker. With Reese’s heart now involved, she refuses to use Leo to her advantage and tries to walk away before her ulterior motives are exposed, but gravity continues to draw them back together…until it’s impossible to stay apart.

But Reese’s lie of omission can only stay buried for so long. When Leo finds out how their relationship started, will Reese keep her ultimate role as Leo’s leading lady? Or will the curtain fall on their real-life fairytale? 

MY feelings
Tessa Bailey gave me exactly what I needed with The Sweetest Fix! It was cute, funny, and sexy. I flew through this book and can’t wait to own it in paperback. It was so sweet y’all!

Reese was relatable and you can’t help but want everything to work out for her. Her character could have easily taken an easy way to reach her dreams but didn’t and I adore her for it. Moving onto our hero Leo, I loved him! Besides an alpha male, big burly guys make me swoon. Leo was hefty and had a heart of gold. Tessa shared a picture of Ben from the show HGTV Hometown and I swooned.

Reese and Leo’s chemistry was off the charts! The attraction was instant and the banter kept me glued to the pages. And since this is a Tessa Bailey book, the sex scenes were hot AF! I wasn’t ready for some of the things that came out of Leo’s mouth, but goodness was I here for it! Their relationship was more than sex though. They really cared for one another and it showed in their actions. They cared about each other’s careers and always pushed the other one to be better. Matching in the bedroom is great, but it’s even better when the characters have more than that in their relationship.

In case you couldn’t tell already, I loved this book! It was super cute and came at a good time right before Valentine’s Day. If you want a story that will put a smile on your face or if you’re a fan of Tessa Bailey, then pick this up!5 Star Rating

4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Fix by Tessa Bailey

  1. 5 STARS! You never give 5 stars! I am so going to read this one! I just need to make it through some ARCs.
    (I haven’t forgotten about our buddy read. Finishing an ARC today and then maybe we can read the other?)

    Liked by 1 person

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