The Favor by Suzanne Wright

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The Favor
Author: Suzanne Wright
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Vienna Stratton knew she only had herself to blame. You didn’t let yourself become indebted to a man like Dane Davenport, no matter how badly you needed his help. As his personal assistant, she was very aware that the globally successful CEO was ruthless and unforgiving.

Of course, if she’d known he’d request that she be his wife for twelve months, she’d have hesitated in accepting his help. Because what she’d learned from Dane was that the devil wasn’t ugly and terrorising. He was seductive and captivating. He hummed with whispers of temptation – the temptation to sin and surrender, to let him brand and possess you. He awakened every need and fantasy you had.

He could even make you love him. 

MY feelings
I’ve been going back and forth on what to rate this book. While I did have some issues with it, I have to admit that it did put a smile on my face from time to time while reading.

I’m just going to jump right in and tell you what didn’t work for me.

This moved at such a slow pace to me. Don’t get me mistaken, there didn’t have to be sex in the first two chapters or anything. But I would have like something to tie me over until we dove deeper into the story.

There was too much drama. It seemed like everyone and their mother wanted to break up Dane and Vienna’s relationship. It felt as if the story was so focused on all the drama that I wished some of that time would have been focused on the couple. Speaking of the couple…

Even after almost 400 pages, I don’t really feel like I know Dane.

I believe this story would have worked better with both of the main character’s POV versus just Vienna’s. There are so many moments that Dane came off so cold and aloof that I would have loved to know what the hell was is in his head. The moments we got to witness Dane actually act like a human were like gold tickets. I was trying to collect every single moment. Yes, he did care for her but damn it took a long time for me as the reader to get verbal validation on it.

So what did I like? Vienna’s humor, her caring family, and the little moments between her and Dane were really sweet.

Overall, I did enjoy some of my time reading this. However, between the drama and the pace of things, I have to give it three stars.

3 Star Rating

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