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Forever After Always by Kaylee Ryan

Forever After Always
Author: Kaylee Ryan
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I’ve always had a thing for my best friend’s older brother. In fact, I’ve been planning our wedding since elementary school. Then I grew up, moved away, and studying, and law school became my only focus.
Now that I’m back, the sexy cowboy is everywhere I turn. I shouldn’t mind so much as Rip Callahan is all levels of fine. My problem? His presence… his attention is sending me in a spin. And our reconnection? It’s fast and intense and everything I’ve ever dreamed of.
So why am I getting in my own way?
I didn’t know the first kiss I ever had would still play on my mind over ten years later. But with beauty and brains, McKenna Dawson is under my skin and very much off-limits.
Crushing on my sister’s best friend isn’t the worst part. That connection? I can’t ignore it. Should I fight it? Probably. Do I want to? Absolutely not.
A challenge among friends is all it takes for me to know she’s what I’ve been missing. That and one incredible trip with those same friends means there’s no going back. Not for me.
It was only supposed to be a weekend, but maybe we were meant to be forever after all.
MY feelings
There is always something like coming home when reading a Kaylee Ryan book. She writes her characters and towns to make them feel familiar and it was no different with Forever After All. While I didn’t love this like I have the author’s past work, I still sped through this and was intrigued enough to see how it would end.

This was a low angst romance and those are my favorites. We have a best friend’s brother romance without all of the drama because the best friend was actually hoping they would get together. That alone was refreshing!

I liked Rip and McKenna together. They were cute and the chemistry between them was there even though they didn’t see each other in the time she went away to college. I don’t know how many times I can say that I love a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to go after it. Rip knew he wanted McKenna and wasted no time making his moves and letting her know.

What really dragged my rating down was McKenna. She fought Rip every step of the way. I get that her parent’s marriage really left her with some issues, but still. He was in front of her telling her that he wanted her, a relationship with her, and for them to be endgame. He layed all of his feelings out on the table multiple times and she either brushed it off or just kept thinking it wasn’t what he really wanted. It got old pretty fast.

Besides some of the actions of our heroine here, I enjoyed everything else. We have a swoony love interest and a good group of friends to read about. If you enjoy low angst romances and small towns, then you might enjoy this one.
*I received an ARC via Give Me Books for an honest review.

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