Lyrics of a Small Town by Abbi Glines

58669268. sy475 Lyrics of a Small Town
Author: Abbi Glines
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One last thing, if you do fall in love with him, please go slowly. Be careful. Trust your gut and know not all things are easy. Damaged things can become beautiful if they’re placed in the right hands. —Love, Gran

A small town where pickup trucks rule, the farmer’s market is bigger than the grocery store, and just about everyone goes to church on Sunday is the last place Henley Warren expects to find herself three months after her grandmother’s death. But Gran left a list of things she needed Henley to do after she died, and fulfilling those wishes means spending a summer in the same place her mom fled from when she was only seventeen years old. With each task that is ticked off the list, events are set in motion that uncover secrets surrounding Henley’s life.

Although Henley may have arrived on the shores of Alabama’s Gulf Coast feeling alone and lost in a world without her Gran, things soon change. The small town holds more than she realized—including a broody, gorgeous, potentially dangerous guy who is always showing up when she needs him the most. Henley fears her heart isn’t ready to trust someone so unpredictable but he makes her feel things deeper than she thought possible. So, when Henley discovers the twisted, dark world he is living in, will it be too late to save her heart? Or has her heart been beyond saving from the moment he stepped out of his truck on that very first day?

MY feelings

As usual, when I see Abbi Glines has a new release I jump for it. I can’t help but admit that her newer releases have either left me bored or just plain unsatisfied. I’m glad to say that even though I didn’t love this one, I at least was interested enough to finish it.

I was hoping that this would give me Rosemary Beach vibes and it did. The idea of a small beach town was here and I loved getting to know the residents. Our main characters Henley and Saul’s romance had a good backdrop here.

Moving onto the plot, it was pretty good. I like the idea of Henley learning about herself while on the quest that her grandmother gave her. The author gave us surprises a few times and it gave more depth to the story.

The relationship between Henley and Saul was okay. It seemed like it happened suddenly towards the middle of the book. They didn’t have many conversations, but soon there’s this tension and it feels like it came out of nowhere. It was a bit more new adult than I’m used to from her writing in the terms of the sex scenes. I’m not mad about it, it just surprised me! I wish we could have looked a bit more into their future and how things worked out for them.

All in all, this was a pleasant surprise. Not a book that I adored, but it gave me hope that maybe I’ll enjoy her upcoming releases more.3 stars


7 thoughts on “Lyrics of a Small Town by Abbi Glines

  1. Hmm… I think I’m going to see if my library has this on audio. If you thought it was decent, I might too. Her books always work better for me when I listen to them anyways. Great review!


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