Malik (Carter Brothers #1) by Lisa Helen Gray

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 Series: Carther Brothers
Author: Lisa Helen Gray
Check it Out: Goodreads

I’m Harlow Evans. Shortly after my parents were murdered I moved in with my Grandma. It meant switching schools, losing friends, and moving away from the only home I knew. All I wanted was to finish the school year hassle free.

Switching seats on that first day altered my life. After surviving the loss of my parents I never thought anything could break me, but then HE came into my life….

He wants to hurt me
Destroy me
Ruin me

Tragedy brought me here, and a cruel twist of fate has me desperate to leave. There’s also someone here that has me fighting to stay though.

All my life I’ve lived in the shadows, trying to go unnoticed, until I met HIM….

Malik Carter….

He’s broody, quiet, and holding on to a dark past. From that first meeting I was drawn to him, his painfully gorgeous looks and model physique, but I also knew he was totally out of my league.

He’s the boy next door who, with his domineering personality, has somehow etched his way into my life.

When the Carter Brothers take it upon themselves to protect me from what’s coming, I’m not sure whether to be relieved or shocked.

You see, when a Carter brother loves, they love fiercely, strongly and protectively. No one can get in their way. They’re also used to getting what they want, even if it means getting hurt.

There’s one thing you should know about the Carter brothers before you read my story….
If you mess with one, you mess with them all. 

MY feelings
I enjoyed Malik more than I thought that I would have. The relationship between him and Harlow was such a good one to read about. He wanted nothing but the best for her and such a good boyfriend.

Besides our main characters, I did enjoy all of our side characters. I can’t wait to read about these Carter men finding their other half’s. I can’t forget about Harlow’s Grandma and Malik’s Grandpa. They were a hoot!

I do have to say that some things kept me from giving this book 5 stars. The slut shaming became way too much. Every time I turned a few pages it was there. Also, this book could have been so much shorter. The whole suspense surrounding Davis could have been cut in half. It was like a cat and mouse game that took forever to play out.

The next book is about Mason and while I want to read it, I’m hesitant. He has so much explaining to do for his behavior.

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